10 Dramione Fanfics song suffle

dramione is also my huge otp love them. so i decided to do a song shuffle about it. Enjoy.

I dont own harry potter, i only own these plots :)

Warnings: talks about attempted suicide, slight reference for a yellow contented book few swear words...don't read if you don't want.


4. Dont Forget - Demi Lovato

"Hermione I have to do this, you know I do."

"Draco please no, we can get around this we can work it out"

"I'm sorry, I love you, I will forever"

Draco slowly raised his wand and pointed it and Hermione

"No Draco!"

"I'm sorry my love...Obliviate"

Draco quickly wiped his tears not knowing that she had cast a non verbal protego spell behind her back.

"Malfoy...wwhat a are yyou ddoing here? Why are you crying, why am I crying?!"

Hermione said quickly, Draco just bent his head further hiding his eyes

Hermione ran out of the astronomy tower, she stopped on the and sat down letting the tears flow from her eyes not knowing that Draco had just done the same thing.


The next day


Hermione was sat in Transfiguration when the door burst open and she looked up. A dishevelled looking Draco walked in quietly and calmly and took his place next to Blaise, Blaise gave him a knowing look and then turned and gave the same sympathetic nod to Hermione. Blaise had been the only person to know. She didn't mind, she trusted Blaise. "Mr Malfoy, you're late"

"Really...I would never have guessed" he retorted sourly.

"20 points from Slytherin for Mr Malfoy's punctuality and his crude sarcasm, you can also stay behind at the end of class. Now everyone today we will be learning how to turn frogs into place mats now the spell is on the board and I will be picking on you to show the class in 20 minuets"

20 Minutes Later

"Now everyone put your wands down, now let me see. Miss Granger please show us what you can do" Hermione tried to clear her mind as she pointed her wand at the frog and said clearly "alaria Mutastria" The frog gave a little shiver and turned into an emerald green serpent. It slid off her table and along the floor to Draco's table where it slithered up the table leg and wrapped itself around his hand. Hermione bent her head in embarrassment and let a single tear fall from her eye.

"Hmm yes more practise please I expected more from you, please stay behind at the end also. Now as your snake so kindly chose a fellow snake...Mr Malfoy please give the spell a go" Draco looked at the toad and thought of what it needed to be, but all he could think about was Hermione. As he said the incantation the toad turned into an otter; Hermione's Patronus and crawled its way to sit on her hand.

At the end of the lesson everyone got up and left but Hermione and Draco made their way over to Professor McGonagall desk without even looking at each other.

"Both of you explain"

"Well what it is Professor" Draco started, but Hermione could see that he didn't know what else to say.

"Me and Draco have been dating for the past 9 months and yesterday we broke up quite horribly so naturally we are still thinking about each other" Hermione finished for him. Draco looked shocked at Hermione. So many things were running through his head.

"Right. I see, well more practice on both parts please, and Mr Malfoy detention on Saturday night at 8 please"

As they walked out Draco rounded on Hermione

"Why did you say all that?" Draco asked warily not giving away anything.

"To stop her stressing at us, why...its not like any of it was true" she lied



"nno reason" he said clearing his throat

"Right well, im going to lunch, bye Drake"

"Did you just call me Drake?"  he said looking hopeful.

"No, you must be hearing things. Why would I call you that? Must dash bye" And she walked away without a second glance. Draco stood there transfixed with the snake still wrapped around his finger.

The next morning Hermione woke up crying after having a dream about Draco. Wiping her eyes she got up and got dressed. She went to breakfast early as she usually got up later or sat and waited for Harry and Ron but today she decided to go and eat. As she walked into the great hall she saw Pansy Parkinson Kiss Draco on the cheek. Blaise cleared his throat and Draco looked up just in time to see Hermione burst into tears and run out of the great hall. Draco shook Pansy off him and ran out after Hermione. He managed to corner her behind a secret portrait hole which led to a secret library Professor Dumbledore had told her about.

"Mya wait"

"What do you want Malfoy"

"Oh cut the crap Mya I know you protego'd the spell, im not that stupid, and you also called me drake, you're the only person who does that, and it wasn't by accident ether and you also seem to cry every time you see me. So please talk to me, as you"

"Draco I'm sorry. I just didn't want all of my memories of us to leave. I don't know why you need to Obliviate me anyway. Voldemort wants Harry not me."

"Baby I know but he'd kill you to get to him. I love you and I didn't want to see you get killed"

"Malfoy as much as you love me, you have to let me look after myself sometimes. I know you were only trying to help but seriously im a big girl. I can manage some things by myself"

"I know im sorry, I just love you too much, and I don't want anyone to hurt you because your mine, and im so sorry I tried to Obliviate you. Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I do, I could never stay mad at you"

And with that they kissed

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