10 Dramione Fanfics song suffle

dramione is also my huge otp love them. so i decided to do a song shuffle about it. Enjoy.

I dont own harry potter, i only own these plots :)

Warnings: talks about attempted suicide, slight reference for a yellow contented book few swear words...don't read if you don't want.


8. Cough Syrup - Darren Criss Version

Draco Malfoy was ill ( I know rare occasion) and even worse for him Hermione Granger was his healer. So anyway Malfoy was lying on his bed looking all pathetic (Always wanted to say that) when his floo buzzed. A little house elf came bouncing into his room and bowed so low until her ears flopped onto the floor "Master, a miss Granger is here." Mitzy said

"Ughh send her in" Draco didn't have a clue what a girl like Granger would want

"Hello Mr Malfoy" Hermione said admiringly as she stood staring in awe at Draco's perfectly Chiselled muscular body. "What do you want Granger?" Malfoy said splittingly as he pulled the covers up hiding his chest. "I want you to stop calling me Granger or this will never work"

"What's 'this'?"

"Im your healer"


Draco fainted

"Draco...Draco can you hear me? Mr Malfoy!?" Hermione said shouting down his ear

"Jeez woman you're deafening me!"

"Good you're awake, now I need to go through the weekly agenda with you. I will be here every day at 10 am and then again at 5pm until you're better. Good and while im here you need to take this cough syrup. Which is stupid as you have dragon pox but arr well standard procedure."

Over the next 3 weeks Malfoy got used to the appearances of Hermione. And to be honest he quite enjoyed it. There was a lot of back and forth flirting in the pair. By the end of the month Hermione had just popped round to see Draco. "Hello Mr Malfoy"

"Hey Granger, come to check my pulse?"

"Yeah something like that." Hermione's cheeks were wet, like she had just been crying

"What's up Granger, something bothering you?"

"hmm oh it's nothing"

"Go on tell me anyway, who do I need to kill?"


"What's that foul weasel done now?"

"I went back to my flat to get your medicine and I caught him with lavender brown on the sofa the stupid slut!"

"Hermione he's the biggest dick for cheating on a girl like you. What did you do?"

"I Shrunk all the furniture apart from the sofa and brought it with me. then I put the flat up for sale... without Ron knowing"

"Hah! you're quite the girl"

"Hmm thanks... anyway you need to take some cough syrup"

"Noooooooooooo" Draco said letting out a loud wail "Don't make me, I promise ill be good!"


"Don't do this to me, im not taking it, it will kill me" he said falling of the bed and crawling backwards into the middle of the room

"Draco Malfoy you will take this cough syrup and stop acting like a 9 year old!"

"No I wont you cant make me"

"wanna bet?"

"no Granger what are you doing? Stop. Argghh Gerr'off me woman!" Hermione had straddled his waist and was currently attempting to shove the pink liquid down his throat. Draco jerked his hand in an attempt to stop her and knocked the bottled from her hand. Pink liquid flew everywhere. Hermione being on top of his waist could suddenly feel something harden against her leg

"ARRRGGGGHHHHH, What the hell Malfoy!"

she jumped off him and lay next him breathing heavily with fear

"Hah! like I said you're quite a girl Granger"

"How did you...why did you? Ugghghhh" she said shuddering

"Come on it's a natural thing"

"Not when im sat on top of you!"

"Oh come one...the heart wants what the heart wants"

"Excuse me?" she asked her eyes wide

"You heard me. Over the past month I've remembered how amazing you are, and how gorgeous you are. I really like you"

"wwhat!!!" she said re-straddling him

"OW that one hurt Granger"

"I don't care, what do you mean you like me?"

"Like, fancy, love, Voulez-vous coucher avec moi"

"My god Malfoy eww" I cant believe you just said that!"

"You know French?"

"No but I know Moulin rouge"

"Oh fair enough"

"How do you know Moulin rouge?"

"Muggle studies"

"Ahh" that was the only subject Hermione detested and she didn't know why

"Anyway why do you like me?"

"You're perfect"

"im far from it, that's why Ron cheated on me"

"No you're perfect to me"



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