*Don't worry people- One Direction is in this story too. I just don't mention them in the description and they aren't on the cover.*

Adriana, 17, is living in a dumpy New York City apartment with her 24 year old brother Lucas. Their father was a scientist who specialized in the genetic engineering of humans. His test subject? His children. Their father was toted off to jail when the FBI discovered what he specialized in. What the FBI didn't discover was the state of his two children. Adriana and Lucas aren't normal people. You could say that they are preternatural.

*If you don't know what preternatural means, look it up*


5. Oops.

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys were waiting behind the stage an hour before the performance was to start when a blonde lady came by to make an announcemnt.

"I'm sorry to announce that no one will be performing this morning due to a mistake made by Mr. McAuther."  she said.  I saw her glare at a black guy who was standing in the corner looking bewildered.  The blonde lady continued, now speaking more towards the boys and I, "Sory boys, We have talked to your manager and rescheduled a date for next year.  Hopefully this won't happen again.  I hope you enjoy your stay here."

Niall, Louis, Harry, Liam and I all looked at each other.

"Thank God.  Who made that mistake? I want to go thank them." Niall said, grinning.

Liam laughed, "Yea, but what are we supposed to do for the rest of the day?"

Louis and Harry looked at each other before announcing, "Shopping!"


Adriana's POV

I pulled the hood up over my head and proceded to walk around.  I kept my mind open so I could listen to random people's thoughts.
When I listen to people's thoughts, I hear all sorts of things.
If you think I cause enough trouble without telling people what I think; you don't even want to know what I could do if I shared the information I know. 
Don't you know how every single high school, public or private, has at least two snotty, slutty, popular girls?
My high school is no different. 
Well, one time during my freshman year, there were two of those stereotypical girls who were seniors. They thought I would be an easy target for them to pick on. 
They thought wrong.
I finally got fed up with their antics and decided to do something about it.
I read into one of the girl's thoughts and learned that she had sabotaged the votes so she would win prom queen and not her friend. 
With this bit of information, I formed a plan. 
Lets just say it involved boys, a lot of bitching, and whipped cream. 
I love whipped cream.
I know, I know.  Use your powers for good blah blah blah.
It's just to fun to be bad.

Anyway as I was walking along trying to listen to people's thoughts with my good and eyes glued to the nasty New York City pavement, I ran into something that felt like a brick wall.
I scowled in annoyance.
That broke my concentration. 
With an annoyed glare, I looked up to see who or what I had run into.
My eyes first met with a collarbone. 
Shit. A person.
As my eyes traveled upward, I saw green eyes and curly brown hair. 
Eww.  A white, pretty boy.

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