*Don't worry people- One Direction is in this story too. I just don't mention them in the description and they aren't on the cover.*

Adriana, 17, is living in a dumpy New York City apartment with her 24 year old brother Lucas. Their father was a scientist who specialized in the genetic engineering of humans. His test subject? His children. Their father was toted off to jail when the FBI discovered what he specialized in. What the FBI didn't discover was the state of his two children. Adriana and Lucas aren't normal people. You could say that they are preternatural.

*If you don't know what preternatural means, look it up*


2. Now

May 24, 2013 


It's the day of my 17th birthday. Lucas went out to do some last minute birthday shopping (always prepared). Unlike other 17 year old girls, I wouldn't be inviting my friends over to my house or going out to the movies or go shopping. For one thing, we didn't have a lot of money, my brother and I, and secondly I didn't have friends to invite over. I try to avoid people at school due to my, uh, special condition. Lucas doesn't have any friends despite his working at the local package store. Don't worry, although he is of age, he doesn't drink. Not only does Lucas not want to drink but he can't drink. It would affect his abilities.  

I'm sitting alone in my room right now, concentrating on the business of Times Square. No, I don't have a window in my bedroom, what made you think that? 

Let me explain.  

Remember how I told you about what my father did to Lucas and I that August afternoon when I was 9 and he was 16? 

Yea, that was some scientific injection that genetically engineered out bodies. I don't know the specifics; I almost failed life science. Lucas couldn't tell you either. He dropped out of highschool as soon as he could so he could take care of us. What happened to my father's odd job you might ask.  

Well, my father was caught testing his magical injections on other humans who all died from it. One of dad's lab rats made it out alive, barely. He ran to the authorites and turned dad in. No one except Dad, Lucas, and I know about the tests dad did on his two kids that August day. have no idea why and how Lucas and I survived. 

We learned to use out abilities a day after being injected. Dad told us the basic of what he had done. He injected us with genetic engineering fluids he created and we should now have advanced abilities. The blue fluid he injected me with should have given me psychi "superpowers", for lack of a better term. The orange liquid which he injected into Lucas gave him control over the elements.  

From then one Lucas and I have felt like a walking Marvel's comic book.  

Dad said that we would continue to develop new powers until the age of 21. We weren't allowed to drink, smoke, do drugs, over eat, or become unhealthy in any way. It would interfere with our new DNA. I like to think he added that part in because he cared about us. 

Dad was arrested when I was 10 and Lucas was 17. Since then we have been discovering our new "powers".  

Since I have the psychic abilities I can control people's mind and bodies, move objects with my mind, manipulate people's memory, speak to people in their minds, and can learn everything about a person of object just by touching it. I can also have the ability of phasing, or intangibility. This means that I can walk through walls or if someone throws something at me, I can arrange my atoms so the object passes right through me. I'm not even 21 yet.  

Lucas has control over the elements. You wouldn't think that this would be useful in New York City but he can control fire, water, earth, wind, electricity, light, dark, gravity, magnetic forces, radiation, energy, sounds, and nature. He can also teleport.

We try to keep the status of situation quiet. We don't want to be a project of some crazy scientist again.

I hear the doorbell ring. I run to the door and I see Lucas standing there with a birthday cake. It's nothing fancy, just a basic cake with white frosting, but I smile anyway.

That night we have birthday cake and dance around to music that's blasting from dad's old radio.

This is the closest either of us have come to a party.

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