*Don't worry people- One Direction is in this story too. I just don't mention them in the description and they aren't on the cover.*

Adriana, 17, is living in a dumpy New York City apartment with her 24 year old brother Lucas. Their father was a scientist who specialized in the genetic engineering of humans. His test subject? His children. Their father was toted off to jail when the FBI discovered what he specialized in. What the FBI didn't discover was the state of his two children. Adriana and Lucas aren't normal people. You could say that they are preternatural.

*If you don't know what preternatural means, look it up*


1. My Sucky Childhood

August 12, 2008


I was 9 years and it was a sweltering summer day in New York City.  Milk had been left out for an entire day in the kitchen in our apartment.  No matter how much air freshener was sprayed, you could still smell the sour milk.

I was sitting in a smaller room in the apartment, waiting for my father to finish up whatever he was doing with my brother in the living room.  My brother was 16 and quite small for his age.  I often saw some bigger boys beating him up in the alley next to the building we lived in.  He told me not to tell dad.


Our father was a man of great ideas.  He was always looking towards the future so we could all live in a better place one day.  With this mindset, he became a sort of scientist.  He received a Masters degree in genetic engineering.  Everyone in his class thought he would be the one to  make  huge breakthrough in plant engineering.  Maybe even be the one who relieved people in third-world countries of their pain and suffering.

My father did no such thing.  He lost contact with all of his high school and college friends.  For two years, he kept to himself in an apartment doing who knows what.  Finally he met my mother.  They fell in love and were married a year later.

In 1989, my brother Lucas was born.  He took after my mom.  They had the same small stature, blond hair, brown eyes, and small birthmark on the inside of their elbows.  I'd like to think that they were a perfectly happy family until I came around in  1996- no one told me what happened during those seven years before I was born.

On May 24, 1996, I was born.  My mother died in childbirth.  I think my father blamed me for this.  He moved himself, my brother, and I from a small apartment, to a tinier apartment practically on top of Times Square.  Since then my father had basically locked himself in his room whenever he got home from his job.  I wasn't sure what he did for a living- he worked odd hours.

My brother took care of me.  He cooked me meals, made sure I got to school, helped me with homework, he did everything my father didn't.  My father was never abusive towards us, he didn't drink or do drugs, he wasn't in gang and he wasn't a rapist or anything.  He was just busy.  I don't blame him for the way he treated Lucas and me, I think he just loved mom so much that he didn't know how to cope.

It could also be the fact that Lucas was the spitting image of mom- I guess he was to painful to look at.

Me, on the other hand, looked just like dad.  Same brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyway, as I was sitting in that tiny room, waiting for my brother and father, I heard my brother cry out.  I squirmed, anxious to  see if Lucas was okay.  Before I could make up my mind, my father burst into the room.

He looked rather disheveled.  One side of his collar was up and he had a bit of blood on his right arm.  Not a lot of it, but just enough to make you wonder.  I couldn't tell what he was thinking as he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward the living room.  I saw Lucas sitting on the stained couch looking dazed but otherwise unharmed.  I didn't question my father as he sat me down on a chair and pulled out a needle and syringe filled with a blue-tinted liquid.

When I asked him what he was doing he responded by saying, "I'm going to make your life better Adriana.  If this works, and I'm sure it will, I will get a lot of money.  We would move to a big house and you'd get to have a lot of toys.  Does that sound good?  Would you like a lot of toys Adriana?"

My nine year old self must of thought this deal sounded pretty good.  I nodded in excitement.

I remember feeling as if a white-hot fire was clawing its way through my body after my father injected me with the blue liquid.  I couldn't scream or move.  I was paralyzed.  Only then did I realize that my brother was in pain too.  My father carried me over to the couch.  Each time my body was jostled as he moved felt like I was being crushed between two walls of knives.

After a few more minutes of horrific pain, everything began to seem fuzzy.  I then became unconscious.

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