*Don't worry people- One Direction is in this story too. I just don't mention them in the description and they aren't on the cover.*

Adriana, 17, is living in a dumpy New York City apartment with her 24 year old brother Lucas. Their father was a scientist who specialized in the genetic engineering of humans. His test subject? His children. Their father was toted off to jail when the FBI discovered what he specialized in. What the FBI didn't discover was the state of his two children. Adriana and Lucas aren't normal people. You could say that they are preternatural.

*If you don't know what preternatural means, look it up*


4. Messing with Fangirls

It's now the day after my birthday.  I'm officially 17.


I follow my usual routine of sitting out on the fire escape.  It's humid despite how early it is.  I see ginormous crowd of people massed together in Times Square.  There is a stage set up in front of all the people.  It must be one of those Good Morning America! shows.  The crowd consists of mostly teen girls.  Some of these girls are hyperventilating and crying.  In the heat later to come, I espect to see a ew people being carried away on stretchers.

I decide to skip my trip to the middle ofnowhere and start my people watchingearly.  I head to the livng room and see my brother asleep on the couch with the TV turned on.  His mouth is hanging open and he still has his work uniform on.  I turn off the television before quietly creeping out of the apartment.

I stand back from the crowd and imagine myself on the stage.  I can see the crowd of people standing before me.

Did I forget to mention I can create an invisible version of myself that can go anywhere I tell it to?  I can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel anything invisible me does.

I spot a chubby brunette standing right in front of me.  Her face is red from crying and she has a barely contained emotion of excitment.

This is going to be good.

I pull my invisible self back to me and push my way through the crowds.  I get within ten feet of her. I concentrate.  Suddenly random images and emotions flash through my mind.  She's excited, nervous, and wishful all at the same time.  I see images of boys, boys, and more boys.  not just any boys, but the high and mighty One Direction.

The perfect example of what society has done to our youth.  It's a shame.

They must be whose performing today.

Let's have some fun with this.

I send out my invisible self and find a person who looks important.  it's a black guy wearinga headset and holding aclipboard. he seems to be directing everything that going on.  I posess him and make him walk onto stage.  His consicous self is struggling to fight me, but I am too strong.

I tap the microphone that is on the stage and say in a voice that is not mine, "Hello everyone, welcome to Good Morning America!. I'm sorry to tell you, but One Direction will not be performing today.  Their plane to come here was having some maintenace issues and they couldn't be here.  We're sorry to make this anouncment. Have a nice day."

Half the crowd starts crying.   Within a few minutes everyone clears out of the area.  I roll my eyes and release my control on the man.  i see a bunch of other people who must work on the show angrily walk toward the man.

I think I got him fired.

Oh well.

I decide to walk around Times Square to stir up some more fun.

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