Over Again


1. Starting Over

Flashback: August 14, 2010

"So this is goodbye?" I asked.

"No. I'll see you again. I promise." Harry replies. 

"You better not forget me when you are rich and famous." I say with a chuckle.

"How could I ever forget my best friend?" He says with a smile.


I look at the picture we took on the day he left. Remembering what he said, "How could I ever forget my best friend?" 

A single tear falls from my face. I didn't forget the promise. 

Me and Harry had been best friends since birth. Before he left we were. We did everything together. You think it, we've done it. Well, we never did anything super sexual actually. But all the best friend stuff we did. We even got our first job together at the same place. 

Harry always loved singing. We always sang to each other, and one of us pretending to be a judge and give each other pointers. When I sugested he audition for X-factor, his face lit up. "You really think I could make it?" he asked. "Harry don't be silly, I know you would make it" I say with a playful punch. 

And well, he did make it. He left me here all alone. I was angry at him. I felt so much hatred, I knew that if he ever even tried to talk to me, I would probably slap him. But deep inside I know, that i'm just covering up the way I really feel. Torn, broken, lost, and embarrased. Embarrased to know that I thought that he would even have the time of day to even acknowledge me. Humiliated to know that for days, months actually, I waited for a call, a text, or something from him to show him keeping his promise. But I couldn't have been more wrong.

I put the picture in my photo album. I open it up for the first time in months and flip through the pages. 

I see pictures of me and Harry when we were little doing our play we wrote. Of me and Harry when we were 10 having a water fight. Me and Harry in high school for our first prom. Of me and Harry in our new work uniforms.


I read a letter harry wrote me from a fight we had when we were 16. it said,

Dear Sam,

I hope that you know that I do not know where I would be if you weren’t always by my side. You never left me even in the hardest of times. You never gave up on me even if there were times when you probably could have.  I hope you can forgive me for being a terrible friend. What I did was awful and I know that it was a horrible thing to do. I want you to know that I understand if you don’t ever want to talk to me again, but I sure as hell hope that you do. I don’t know what id do without a video game buddy. Shit my everything buddy. You are the strongest person I have ever met. You are gorgeous and amazing. Please forgive me love.

Love, Harry.

The reason harry had written me this letter is because he had said some rude things to me. Some of his friends were teasing him about dating me and he wanted to show them that he wasn’t and he could be mean to me. I eventually forgave him.

Tears are streaming down my face remembering all these things.

I snap out of my trip down memory lane and get up out of bed. I start to get ready for the day. I have always dreamed of being a professional photographer so this summer I am doing an internship for a magazine in London, so I’m staying in an apartment here. It’s a pretty laid back job so I don’t ever have to get super done up to go to work. Just my kind of job.

I put on some high waisted shorts and a crop top. I put on some white high top converse. I curl my blonde hair and put on my makeup.

I walk into the kitchen and grab my purse and sunglasses and head out the door.

Luckily my work building is only two blocks away so I don’t have to drive.

As I’m walking I get a text from my best friend, Bri

From Bri: Hey babe! Meet me for lunch?

Me: Yeah I’d love too! Where are you thinking?xx

Bri: Shit. Just got a call from work saying I have a lunch meeting. How about tomorrow?

Me: Don’t worry about it! Tomorrow sounds great! See you later babe.xx


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