Filling In The Blanks

-Sequel To 'Stripes Girl and Braces Boy-

Christy left and began her own life, a better one, yet the memories of Louis keeps haunting her.
Louis hasn't moved on, he changed when Christy left, not knowing what to do anymore.
One day their paths cross once again, but Christy isn't planning to stay long this time, with obvious tension between the two from their pasts, what will happen this time round?

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3. Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

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Louis POV


No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't concentrate on the work that was in front of me, my eyes kept flickering back to my Facebook page on my phone, anxiously waiting for the notification to tell me that Christy had accepted my friend request.

“Louis, mate, concentrate. We need to finish these surveys for tomorrow!” Harry instructed whilst nudging my elbow, creating more space for him on the small, cramped table that sat in the middle of our tour-bus.

“Right, Sorry.” I mumbled, lifting my arm back onto the table and pushing his to the side a little. I took the pen back in my hand.


What is the best thing about being on Tour?


This was around the 100th time that I have had to answer this question so the answer came naturally to me.


Getting to travel to all the beautiful places in the world and meet all our amazing fans, the feeling we get when we make someone happy with our music is the best feeling ever.


My eyes slowly wandered from the page onto my iPhone. I stomach twisted and turned every-time my feed loaded, yet nothing came of it. My patience was wearing thin as I completed another question. It seemed as if I was waiting for something that was never going to come.


Christy’s POV

“Christy! Great Job with the article on how fame changes people.” My boss, Mindy, congratulated.

“Thanks.” I replied proudly. That was one of my best articles so hearing the kind words made me feel really proud with myself, at least I was getting some good writing done since writing my sequel wasn’t going as planned. It was too stressful to deal with writers block so I decided to do some journalism on the side. Fortunately it really helped me calm down and stop freaking out as I had thought I lost the power to write.


“We have another job for you if you don’t mind, this one will be a lot easier than the last.” Mindy asked while leaning against my office door.


“Sure, what do you need me to do?”


Mindy walked fully into my office and stood in front of my desk.

“I need you to format all these questions in this survey we gave to this tween band sensation. Make it colourful and eye catching, its going in a kid’s magazine.” She placed an already published edition of the magazine in front of me.

“Thanks Christy, you’re a charm.” I smiled back at her, desperately hoping that the band was ‘The Wanted’ and not somebody else.


“You’re welcome.” I smiled back, picking up the magazine and flipping through as she left.


I then picked up a blank piece of paper and some colourings pencils and a pen.

I picked up the survey that she had given me.

Two bold words stared back at me.


One Direction


I groaned and slammed the pieces of paper back down on the desk. Screw my life.


I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down a little, why did it have to be me that got this job? I always have to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.


I picked up my phone and dialled Char’s number.


“Hello Christy!” Charelle chirped.


“Hi.” I grumbled into the phone.


“What’s up your butt?” She questioned.


“Char, why is it always me that is at the wrong place at the wrong time?”


“Right, what is it this time.”


“I have to format a survey thing about Louis and the boys.” I groaned.


“Darling, if this is about Louis, remember what I said yesterday night. Maybe it’s not the wrong place and the wrong time. Maybe it’s the right place at the right time.”


My mind still buzzed around what Charelle had said to me even an hour after she had hung up.

What the hell is going on with my life?


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