Filling In The Blanks

-Sequel To 'Stripes Girl and Braces Boy-

Christy left and began her own life, a better one, yet the memories of Louis keeps haunting her.
Louis hasn't moved on, he changed when Christy left, not knowing what to do anymore.
One day their paths cross once again, but Christy isn't planning to stay long this time, with obvious tension between the two from their pasts, what will happen this time round?

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2. Not Just A Coincidence

A/N- I undersand that quite a few people got really confused at the last chapter so hopefully I will make it a lot clearer. Thanks xx


Dedicated to - Karisitay- Thanks for the lovely comments on SGBB :) I love you :)

Christy's POV

" How dare he!" I yelled angrily as I banged my fist against the wooden coffee table.

"Calm done Chris!" Charelle put her hand on my shoulder and attempted to console me. I brushed her hand away grumpily.

" No! I will not calm down! It has been 2 years since I walked out and he hasn't put any effort into trying to find me, All he seems to do is sit at home and pine about the fact that he loved me to the boys as he watches his money roll through the door. Then delares it on TV! What the hell does he think he is doing?" I yelled at Char, she seemed really taken back. I suddenly felt bad, It wasn't her fault and I am making it seem like it was.

" I'm sorry Charelle. I didn't mean to yell. You've been my best friend for 2 years now and you know what I've been through with this boy, so please forgive me." I told her. She laughed a little and pulled me into a hug.

" Of Course Christy. I know. He is such a douche bag." I laughed at her comment then took a look back at the TV.

Something stirred inside me as I watched the boys, laughing like they used to when I knew them. Harry, being his cheeky old self. Niall, Laughing at everything. Liam, the boy that cheated on me, trying to calm everyone down. Zayn, giggling in the background at the boys and wondering why he was every friends with them. Then Louis, sitting there, still as a statue, Staring into the distance, his eyes glazed with emotions that I could not clearly read.

" Christiana?" Charelle asked, poking me in the shoulder.

"Yeah?" I quickly replied as I flicked my head towards her.

" Are you okay?" She asked. I looked down at the floor and took in a deep breath.

" Yeah. Im Fine." I say as I breathe out unsteadily.

There is another moment of silence then Charelle says " Alright. How about a movie night?"


The movie we where watching was awful. Nothing seemed to be happening. I picked up my phone and another slice of pizza and shoved it in my mouth while clicking on my Facebook App.

1 new friend request.

I smiled in excitment. I always loved getting new friends on facebook. It wasn't a big deal a couple years ago but now, since I started a new facebook after deleting my old one for privacy purposes, getting friend requests was rare and totally welcome.

I eagerly rapped on the friends sign at the top of the app.


1 new friend Request.

Louis Tomlinson.


I re-read those words, over and over again, not really sure if I should believe my eyes. I slowly moved my arm towards Charelle who was lying by my feet. I poked her hard in th back and she shushed me.

" Shut Up " Her hand flew back and cover my mouth.

" Charelle!" I whispered loudly. Again her hand flew back and managed to hit me in the face this time.

" For Bloody Goodness sakes Charelle!" I chucked my iphone at her and she winced in pain as it hit her straight in the head.

" Shit." She winced as she rubbed the back of her head. She picked up the iphone and looked at the screen.

" Holy God and  Mother of Baby Jesus named Virgin Mary." Her mouth layed agape as she stared at the screen.

" What do I do?" I asked for her advice.

" Accept, Then you can stalk him." She told me.

" Charelle. You know its not that easy." I groaned.

" Well, why not? It's just one click."

"Its how we met again." I told her quietly, Thats what happened last time. I accepted his friend request.  I accepted and I immediately fell into a deep dark hole filled with misery and misfortune. " I don't want to go through that again."

Char paused the film and looked up at me. " I know you don't believe in all this fairytale shit anymore, but to be honest. This can't just be a coincidence, I mean, 2 times? I think he is trying babe, and I don't want you to get hurt either but I think that there is something that is still connecting you and Louis, and no matter how far you are trying to get away from it, its still there. And to be honest, I don't think you can every Really get away from it."

I looked from charelle back down to my Iphone.

My finger hovered over the button. I tapped it and breathed out.

I then quickly locked my phone, not giving it a second though.


Cliffy!! Which one did she press? Accept or Decline??


I Really hope that cleared the while story up! She does remember Liam and all the Louis stuff, its just that she is trying to stay away from it all.

Yeah, So short Authors note

ONLY 10 DAYS TILL WE BREAK UP FOR SUMMER xx :P I am so exited! When do you guys get off school!

I live in the UK so it may be different!! xx And have any of you seen the perge? It looks amazing and I really want to see it! Oh yeah, and 'The Great Gatsby!" !

If you have tell me what you think! :)

Love you All xx

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