Filling In The Blanks

-Sequel To 'Stripes Girl and Braces Boy-

Christy left and began her own life, a better one, yet the memories of Louis keeps haunting her.
Louis hasn't moved on, he changed when Christy left, not knowing what to do anymore.
One day their paths cross once again, but Christy isn't planning to stay long this time, with obvious tension between the two from their pasts, what will happen this time round?

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El xx


5. I'm Sorry Guys :(

Hi everyone who has been reading our stories...

We are literally nearly crying while writing this as I feel like I am being so horrible to you all.

We're just going to cut to it,

We are leaving Movellas.


We are just not feeling it anymore.

It is such a small site and don't get us wrong, we love everyone of you so much and we appreciate everything that you guys have done for us :)

We are so sorry guys x

The only flip side to this is that we are on Wattpad.

El --> WrittenByEl

Avery --> LoveFromAveryM

We have got books on Wattpad and we have written on them so please go check them out because if you want to read our work, they are only on Wattpad.

Note that we have not had an argument, we are still best friends but we decided that we should check out Wattpad as well, as it is a much huger community with a lot more opportunities.

We are super sorry for this guys, we really hope you will forgive us and check us out on Wattpad :)


El - This story will, unfortunately, not be finished... If anyone on Movellas/wattpad, wants to take it, please message me on Wattpad - WrittenByEl :)


We will might still be active, commenting or writing short things on here, but that is quite unlikely.


See you on Wattpad! Till then, eat carrots.

Huge Love,


Remember: Smile :D

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