Filling In The Blanks

-Sequel To 'Stripes Girl and Braces Boy-

Christy left and began her own life, a better one, yet the memories of Louis keeps haunting her.
Louis hasn't moved on, he changed when Christy left, not knowing what to do anymore.
One day their paths cross once again, but Christy isn't planning to stay long this time, with obvious tension between the two from their pasts, what will happen this time round?

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1. ~I didn't Expect You To Be Here ~ Chapter 1

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x You promised yourself, but to somebody else,
And you made it so perfectly clear
Still I wish you were here x-
From The bottom Of My Broken Heart ~ Britney Spears

Christy's POV ~ Two Years Later: New York, New York

I switched on my TV and scrolled through the channels. I groaned at all the rubbish that was on. It was a friday, isn't there supposed to be something good on? I thought to myself. I finally decided on 'Come Dine With Me' something that I han't watched in a long time. I snuggled down into my large, soft jumper and pulled my blanket over me, cutting out any cold air. Suddenly, just I was getting comfy, 'Sexy and I Know It; Bursted out through my IPhone, causing me to wince at the loudness.

" Damn." I muttered to myself as I attempted to open the smallest hole possible in my blankets to grab my phone, which was conveniently lying on the other side of my bed.

" Shit" I cursed as a gush of cold air filled my den. I quickly grabbed my phone and snuggled back into my duvet, attempting to make up the lost heat.

" Hello?" I said into the phone, taking a sip of the hot chocolate I made before. " Christy, I bloody hope you are on your way!" Charelle, my best friend/manager yelled down my phone.

"What?" I said, confused, not really hearing what she was saying. "Bloody hell Christy, You are supposed to be at a book signing! There are hundreds of teenagers waiting for you!" she fumed. I could just imagine her pulling at her hair in anger.

" Good Joke Char." I chuckled. I heard her try to calm herself down.

" Seriously Christy, Im not joking, you need to get here now!" She yelled. I laughed, she was a really good actress sometimes.

" Char, I know you are joking! The next book signing is on the 21 of December!" I told her, happy that I had caught her out.

" Christy, Check your watch." She said, containing her anger well this time. I chuckled and looked down at my watch.

10:47, December the 21st.


" I'll be there in a few!" I told her while frantically looking for something to wear. Screw it, a jumper and a pair of jeans was going to have to do.

" You better be" Was the last thing that Charelle said before hanging up on me. I quickly tossed my phone down the stairs, not caring if the screen cracked, then flattened out my hair and threw myself down the stairs aswell. I tripped on the last step and landed on my back next to my iphone, which seemed to be alright considering it just flew down 3 floors straight onto hardwood. I picked it up and grabbed my shoes. I ended up hopping to the door as I attempted to tie up my shoelaces at the same time which didn't work and I ended up falling falt on my face again, causing me to cut my lip. 

Bloody Hell

I mumbled as I wiped the tiny droplet of blood off my lip with my hand. Charelle was going to think that I got into a fight or something.

I carefully  walked out into the streets, not wanting to trip again. I slid into the driver seat of my car and began to drive to the Book Signing, making sure someone was to care for her.


" Where on earth where you?" Charelle yelled at me as soon as I stepped foot in the back of WHSmith.

" I was at home enjoying a cup of hot chocolate!" I told her as we walked towards where a desk had been set out an hour ago for me.

" Maybe you should have done that on a day when you didn't have a book signing! Like, Anyday in the past WEEK!" She spat, obviously angry at me.

" It's not my fault that I was working hard on the freaking sequel." I told her, getting angry myself.

" I know, I know, It's just, you've worked so hard for all this and I don't want you to look bad. The paps are here already and you need to look good infront of them. " Char told me. I could tell that she really meant it. Charelle had been my best friend for 2 years, we met in starbucks when I was just beginning to write my book. From then on she had stuck by me, and I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

"Thanks Char. I love you."

" Love you too! Now, go sign books untill you can't write!" She laughed and pushed me towards the desk. I managed to bump against my chair then to my horror I fell over onto my bum which sent the crowd into fits of laughter.

I slowly got up and attempted to laugh it off. I really was not good at this whole 'being famous' thing.


The Signing took forever and don't get me wrong, I love meeting my fans, but it was so tireing and it just worn me out.

Once the signing was over Charelle rushed to me and offered to take me out to get a milkshake or something. I duly accepted her offer and we hurried to my favorite milkshake place. Mi-Shake.

Charelle and I were sitting at our table in Mi-Shake and chatting about random things when something on the small TV in the corner caught my eye. I was staring at the screen so intently that Char managed to follow my gaze to the TV aswell.

" Oh Bloody Hell." Charelle mumbled and got up from her seat. " We're leaving." She told me and grabbed my arm, pulling me from my seat.

I hardly noticed, my eyes were still glued on the screen. I couldn't help being fascinated by these boys, it was like getting dejavu in a dream. " Christy!" Char called, pulling me a little bit more.

"Shhh!" I snapped at Charelle then immediately pulled my eyes back to the screen.

Louis' POV

" So! What books are you guys reading right now?" The interviewer asked over enthusiastically. 

" Good question!" Niall laughed. " I don't read much." The crowed laughed along with the interviewer and a couple of us chuckled a little.

" I don't think the book is apropriate for this audience." Harry joked. " Kidding, Im not reading anything." He let loose his cheeky smile that he still showed often even though it didn't really suite him anymore with all his tatoos and stuff. 

" My family and Other animals." Zayn stated. I laughed at an inside joke we had.

"Fanfictions!" Liam began to laugh. " Some of the Larry ones aren't to bad!" He joked. I could feel myself getting red. Harry patted me on the back and I chuckled.

" Louis?" The interviewer asked me.

" Uh...Don't laugh at me alright?" I told everyone. The nodded. " Promise." Niall said already cracking up.

" I didn't expect you to be here by Christy Watson. (N/A Can't remember surname so I just made it up!!) " I said in one breath. I could tell the whole room wanted to laugh.

" Lord Almighty, I swear you never stop talking about this girl." Harry laughed. I glared at Harry.

" You're always like ' Christy this. Christy that. I Love Christy!' " Harry mocked, not realising that he was taking it too far.

" I want to kiss you Christy." Harry carried on as I kept on sending him daggers via my eyes. " Shut Up!" I puched him in the arm.

Christy's POV

I was astonished. I turned slowly to look back at Charelle who also looked just as shocked as I was. I then turned back to the TV, rubbing my eyes slighty making sure it wasn't a dream.

What the hell did I just hear?


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