Don't fear the reaper

IDK what category to set this as, dammit Movellas, Y U NO LET ME POST WITHOUT CATEGORY?! I even need a cover, but I couldn't come up with anything, so, Mudkip, ye.

Well whatevs. Greetings, welcome to this piece of poop story I threw together. This is a shotgun draft so expect nothing from it. Also, there might be one or two typo's, since my keyboard hates me.


1. This guy

A blaring sound. Screeching tires. A brief scream, cut off by impact. Blood splatters. Darkness.


“Holy crap! You went absolutely flying!” A voice said almost ecstatically. She snapped into consciousness, her first sight being the beautiful azure sky, with all the fluffy, white clouds being slowly helped along the sky by the tranquil wind. It was a calm day, one of those days where you just feel like doing nothing, lazing around all day. “Jesus! I’ve never seen so much blood before!” The voice then laughed. She looked up to see a boy there, with over-sized head phones covering his sandy-blonde hair. He looked over to his right; to her. “Oh, looks like you’re up.” He said, looking back in front of him. “I’m surprised; I figured you’d be out for another hour, at least.”

“… What are you talking about? Who are you?” Sarah asked the boy.

“Oh yeah, you could never see me before, could you?” He said, extending a hand. “Name’s Mike. I’m sort of like a guardian.”

“Guardian? What are you talking about?” Sarah asked, still confused by the enigma of the situation.

“Look over there.” He said, pointing to whatever it was that still enraptured his attention. Sarah followed his finger across to the sight. There was a car, wrapped around a street light, the front of it smashed up so bad it was practically unrecognisable. The rest of the car was blue, yet the front was red for some reason. It took her all of half a second to realise why. She was lying, broken, bloody and dying on the front of the car.


“Wow, this was the most brutal one in a while. Probably the most brutal one we’ll see in a while too.” Mike said, he picked up a stick and started poking at her body. “You got messed up six-times-from-Sunday.” Sarah was far too detached to care, trying to make sense of it all.

“… Who are you..?” Sarah asked again.

“Like I said, I’m a guardian. I don’t really do much though; I’m just here to-”

“DON’T FUCK WITH ME!” Sarah screamed. “AM I DEAD? I CAN’T BE DEAD! TODAY WAS THE DAY..!” She stopped herself; she remembered what day it was today. Today was the day she promised to tell him how she felt. A bit ironic really, now that she was dead there should have been other thoughts she was thinking, yet ever still he persisted in her mind.

“Well, whatever it was you were doing today, you’re definitely not doing it now.” Mike said, almost condescendingly. He dropped the stick as an ambulance came veering around the corner, sirens blaring loud enough to (pardon the pun) wake the dead. “And it looks like you’re headed off somewhere else. Good luck.” She meant to ask him what he meant, but he had already pulled up his hood and left, apparently before the ambulance workers had noticed him.


The hospital was… a funny place. There was an atmosphere of dread around, yet it almost seemed blanketed by the panic over rescuing the fading remains of Sarah’s life. She thought it was horrid to see the accident, but seeing them operating on her… It was… painful. No-one should have to be subject to that, the horror of seeing yourself get fixed from the inside out. In the end, she also arrived at that same conclusion and, unable to see further, left. She still didn’t have anywhere to go and ended up just hovering around the hospital hall. “Hey, looks like you’re doing fine.” Came the now familiar voice of Mike. How his voice became so familiar after one meeting Sarah didn’t question.

“What do you want?” Sarah asked spitefully.

“Oh come on, you’re acting like it’s all over.”  Mike said. Sarah looked hopeful. “The doctors say it’s a 90% chance you’ll live, so quit being so pessimistic.”


“You still sound so pessimistic. But whatever.” Mike said, he took a seat in the corridor. “So, anyway, what’s your story, what was that thing you said you were going to do today?”

“Eh, it’s kind of embarrassing, but there’s this guy I like and I promised my friend that I’d tell him today.” Sarah admitted.

“That’s a weird sort of predicament. But oh well, I guess now you can.” Mike said. “Your friend sounds like one of those people that just looove to get into other people’s business.”

“Yeah, I guess, but I don’t think I could live without her.” Sarah admitted.

“… Wow, that’s just sad.”

“Eh?!” Sarah exclaimed, Mike just laughed in reply.

“Hahahahahaha, you’re so fun to mess with.” Mike said, getting to his feet. “Well, whatever, your operation is almost finished. Soon you should be all fine and dandy and be able to tell that guy soon. And since you’re better I guess that means our time is almost up now.”

“… Mike, it’s been bothering me for a while now, but who, exactly, are you?” Sarah asked.

“I won’t bore you with that, it’d take way too long to explain who I am.” Mike said. “In other news, it looks like you’re family’s here to see you, even though you’re still in the operating room. You must all be close.” Mike looked back over to Sarah to see a strange look on her face, an emotion he’d never seen before. “Sorry, did I hit a nerve?”

“Huh, on, no, it’s fine.” Sarah said.

“It’s just… Well… I’d prefer not to get into it with someone. It’s kind of personal.”  Sarah admitted.

“Alright then, I won’t pry.” Mike pulled out a phone and looked at it, checking something unknown to Sarah. “Sorry, but I’ve got somewhere I need to be for now; best of luck with your future.”

Sarah still wanted to ask, but the next thing she knew he was already gone.

“Hang on,” she said to herself, “Where would a ghost need to be?”


“She’s waking up!” A voice exclaimed ecstatically. Her first sight being the white of the hospital ceilings was a little overwhelming. More overwhelming was her little sister practically tackling her to hug her.

“Wh- wha?” Sarah asked, reeling from shock.

“You were in an accident. There was a car crash and you had to be taken into surgery, but it’s okay, the doctors say you’ll make a full recovery.” Her mother replied. “Just as well, what would you do if something had happened? You wouldn’t be able to-”

“That’s enough.” Her father cut off. “The doctors said she needs her rest, so we should just leave her to sleep.” Her mother looked like she had more words, but she held her tongue.

“Sis, when will you and me play together again?” Sarah’s sister asked. Sarah just smiled at the innocence in her words.

“Soon. I promise.” They practically pried the two apart and left Sarah to get her rest.


“Wow, you’re really lucky.” Said that again familiar voice. Mike.

“Huh? I thought you had somewhere to go?” Sarah asked.

“I made it back in time. How’re you anyway?” Mike asked.

“Alive.” Sarah replied.

“Well duh,” Mike chuckled. “So how long do you think you’ll be here for?”

“I don’t know, but chances are it’ll be a while.” Sarah said, but then she realised something. “Wait a second, how come I can still see you?”

“…Huh?” Mike said, confused.

“Well, you’re a ghost as well, right? So how come I can still see you?” Sarah said. Mike looked at her for a moment, dumbfounded, then laughed a violent, riotous laugh.

“Hahahahahahaha, you’re an idiot.” He said, wiping a tear of joy from his eye. “I never said I was a ghost. Name’s Mike, I’m the new transfer student at your school.”


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