silent dreams

Candice has always been the quiet girl at her school. But when her parents tell her that they're moving, she decides that she isn't going to be the shy girl she used to be.


2. 1

I sat in my room packing up the rest of my clothes, well actually throwing most of them out. If i want to be treated like a "cool girl" then i should dress like one, and not like a five year old. I threw a handful of sweaters into a bag with any jeans that werent skinny. I added my old shoes to the collection and sighed as looked into the almost empty bin of clothes i was bringing. My mom walked into the room and smiled "well i guess when we get to california you'r going to need to get some new clothes". I sighed, "yeah, i know".  we laughed for a while and packed up the few remaining things laying around, them carried them down to the moving truck. i couldnt contain my happiness as i said goodbye to the yellow house i grew up in, and the neighborhood full of girls who hated me and guys who ignored me. my brother on the other hand, hated the idea of leaving. jack was a year older than me, and anything but an outcast, he played on almost every team the school had, was in his own band, and had about everygirl in school drooling over him. well i guess we all cant be happy, can we? i climbed into the car and put in my headphones. i closed my eyes and sighed, here we go. 

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