The New Girl

The girl is named Samantha also known as Sammy or Sam. The guy is Cameron also called Cam or Cammy. When these two meet their whole world changed. Did they fall in love or just friends with benefits? Samantha is the new girl and hates how people call her the new girl. Every year she would move to a new state because of her mom's job. This time she's staying for junior and senior year. Will they be together or go the opposite direction ?

Read to find out.


2. Neighbors

Chapter 2 : Neighbors

Samantha's POV


"Can you drive me home?" Lexi asked as we exited the school. Been a week and I don't know where or been to Lexi's house.

"Sure thing, just give me the directions there," I said with a smile.

"You know what? Let's hangout at your place tonight, I'll help you unpack," she suggested with a smile. Do I need help? I guess my mom won't mind, oh wait she's not gonna be home.

"Sure, my mom is out of town for the whole week," I grinned. What should we do? Sleepover? Invite people to hangout?

"No sleepover, but if you wanna invite people, let's throw a party!" she screamed as I started driving to my house. Oh geez she's those girls.

"Hey! I don't party hard, get drunk, have sex, and wake up next to a stranger!" she yelled and playfully hit me.

"Sure sure," I said while laughing so hard. "If we have a party it has to be on Friday because my mom won't come home until next Monday, and I don't wanna do it on a school night."

"Ohh what's the theme though?!" she screamed. The car jerk, geez can this girl stop screaming while I'm driving.

"Umm black ties ?" I suggested. She nodded.

I stopped at my house and parked in the driveway. 

"YOU LIVE HERE?" she said with a serious tone. What's wrong? Is this place haunted ? Does this place have a history ?
"You really gotta stop saying everything out loud."

"Yes I live here, why?" I asked her raising one eyebrow.

"I LIVE NEXT DOOR, NEIGHBOR!" she screamed and jumped.

I laughed and pulled her into the house. Maybe we should throw a party tomorrow night, but we need to get to know more people. I made a lot of friends during lunch. Why? Because I'm friends with the student body president and Cameron I guess. Soon there was a knock on the door.

"I got it!" Lexi yelled skipping to the door. I went to order some pizza.

"Is this Samantha's house?" a familiar voice said.

"Yes and you are?" Lexi asked all confused. I walked to the front door to see my best guy friend and brother. Sean and Andy.

"SEAN! ANDY!" I screamed giving them a hug. "I missed you guys so much."

"I missed you too, baby sister," Sean said giving me a squeeze.

"Samantha, are you gonna introduced me to these people?" Lexi said with a small laugh.

"Oh right, Sean and Andy this is Lexi, Lexi this is Sean and Andy," I said gesturing to the people I said.

"Hi , do you guys go to our school?" Lexi asked.

"Not yet," Sean replied. Wait not yet? OH MY GOSH THERE COMING TO MY SCHOOL !

"Wow baby sister , you still talk what you're thinking," he smirked. "I'm moving back in with you and mom, dad is giving me a hard time and all."

"Okay , well Lexi is our neighbor and student body president."

"OHHHH ! SAMANTHA LET THEM IN ON THE PLAN FOR TOMORROW NIGHT!" Lexi screamed jumping up and down.

"Since my mom is outta town for the week , we are gonna throw a party, theme is black ties," I smiled.

"I'm in!" Sean said. "I'll get the drink for tomorrow before the party, I'll post it on Facebook too," he smiled.

Did I ever tell you guys that Sean is pretty famous on facebook? Well I gotta check my facebook.!

I went to the living room and pulled out my laptop. I went on facebook and logged in, Wow I had 300 friend request, they are all from the new school too.I spent ten minutes accepting all, then posted a status.

"Party at my place tomorrow nigh @6:00 , Host are Me and Lexi"

A minute later I got a lot of comments saying they can go. Perfect.

"Got the invites out yet ?" Lexi asked. I nodded


Author's note :
Short chapter but hey (:


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