Together Forever Mabey (1d fanfic)

Aimee Zoe and Natasha all have boyfriends but will they stay together forever


1. why do you hate me

Zoe's pov It was 6:15 as I lay cuddled to my boobear my head on his chest as he lay fast asleep, I slowly moved away and checked my phone for any tweets unfortunetly the was one about me. 1dlover:(not real twitter name I made it up) your distgusting ur fat our lou don't deserve you go die if you don't I'll kill you I put down my phone and bawlled my eyes out I got up and put on my onzie and went for a walk I needed to clear my head ever since I've been with louis I've recived hate and death threats and I'm wondering if its the fact that louis and I shouldn't be together no more. Louis pov Good morning gorg..." stopped mid sentense zoe wasn't there...... A/N yay first chapters up hope you like it please coment don't know why its doing funny signs. Ignor it please
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