Together Forever Mabey (1d fanfic)

Aimee Zoe and Natasha all have boyfriends but will they stay together forever


2. wheres zoe

Louis P.O.V I checked everywhere in the room. I went to Harry and Aimees room "harry zoe's missing I can't find" her I said a tear slidding down my face "your joking" Aimee said getting up "I'll check if there's anything she's left" Aimee said as she went of I sat with harry as he tried to calm me. Aimee's P.O.V I walked into louis and zoe's room I see her phone and look at the tweet "OMG" I say to myself "harry louis I know where she is I'll go find her you stay there" I said going of in my onzie and there she is in the hallway bawling her eyes out my poor best friend.....
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