Together Forever Mabey (1d fanfic)

Aimee Zoe and Natasha all have boyfriends but will they stay together forever


3. reuniting louis and zoe

Zoes P.O.V I felt a shoulder on me I look up to see Aimee sat next to me she told me to ignore the haters there just jelous she finally got me up and we walked back to the room. Louis P.O.V "Its all my fault" I told harry "no its not" he said suddenly the door opened it was Aimee thank god she brought zoe with her zoe came over I told it was my fault she said it wasn't I hugged her tight she sobbed into my chest I then knew it was all the haters. Aimees P.O.V "See harry were good at sorting out problems" I said "of course we are" he said we hugged I loved hugging harry my boyfriend he smelt so nice I could hug him allday
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