A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


1. School

*ping* *ping *ping*

"You better get up Jessie Mae" My mothers sleepy voice come from downstairs. 

I groan, forcing my stiff body up. I hit my alarm and wrap my dressing gown round me, trotting downstairs. The lovely smell of sizzling bacon hits me as I open the kitchen door and plop myself down on a stool.

"Bacon?" My mum asks as she flips a big piece over. I nod my head licking my lips. She drops a bacon sandwich on my plate and sits down next to me a steaming cup of coffee in her hands. I greedily bite in to the bacon. It's heaven. "Me and your father have news for you tonight," I look up to my mum, her sparkling blue eyes standing out against her tired creased face. "Work related" she adds.


I try to work out what the news is. My father is a tour manager, for celebrity's. He organises gigs and tickets and tour buses and he always has to go on tour, so we barely get to see him. I had no idea, so I finish my bacon and run back up to my room, opening up my wardrobe and groaning as my mustard yellow uniform sticks out. I fling it on my bed and unwillingly put it on, as it scratched and suffocates me. I straighten my hair and put on makeup. 




"Jessie!" Roses, my best friends, excited voice comes screaming down the hallway. I slam my locker shut and turn around, hugging her. She links her arm in mine and starts off down the hallway, pulling me with her. I unlink my arm and pretend to look for something in my bag so I don't have to link arms again. "So babe, anything new"

I stop searching in my bag and nod "Yeah. Mum says her and dad have news for me tonight, to do with dads work."

"No way" Rose squels.

"What?!" I laugh.

Rose groans as if I just asked the most obvious question in the world. "Your dad manages tours. FOR CELEBRITIES.  Obviously something goods going to come out of it." 

'It better be good. Like helping One Direction! Oh My Gosh! What if i get to meet one direction!" I squeal.

"Eurgh. No." She groans. "Justin Bieber."

 I roll my eyes. Rose loves Justin Bieber, but me, i hate him. "I don't even see why you like him" I sigh. "He's arrogant, and yes i do have to admit he isn't bad looking, but it's Justin Bieber. Gross."

 "What is wrong with you! He's amazing, he's my world" Rose moans. "Agh. Crickey, I'm late for Mathematics with Mr Olear. He better not give me a detention, if he does you'll have to walk home by yourself babe. cya"

I wave goodbye and make my way to History with Mrs Reechonagan. Even her names boring.




*mmmh*  *mmmh* *mmmh*

My phone vibrating against my chest wakes me up from Mrs Reechonagan boring lecture about the Cold War.


From: Roseeee :)

Jessie babe, got a detention:( soz babe you're going to have to walk by urself. xxxx




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