A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


2. News

"In here sweetie" Mum calls, as I slam the door shut. "It's time for the news!" Her voice way over excited.

i walk in to the kitchen to find mum and dad sat next to each other at the kitchen table. Mum points at the chair opposite them.

"so, tell her Peter!" Mum exclaims.

"I'm getting to it Audrey." Dad sighs to mum. "So as you know, my job is to work with celebrity's on tour and basically in have to go away for a whole year with one celebrity! So I thought why not bring the family a long. We will live in hotels, the finest ones, and big, fancy  but spacial and cosy tour buses when we're on the road! It's going to be so exciting, don't you agree Audrey?"

"Oh definitely. Oh Peter, they're..they're the same age! Oh, that's wonderful! He won't be so lonely."

My heart drops. So not One Direction, but it's a boy...my age....who's a celebrity. Sounds splendid. "So who is the celebrity dad?" I cough.

"Oh, well it's the one and only.."

"JUSTIN BIEBER" Molly, my little sister, screams bursting though the kitchen door and doing a happy dance.

My heart stops. This is either going to be extremely bad or extremely good.





"Heeeeey babe" Roses squeaky voice comes from the other end of the phone.

"Hey. I just found out what the news is!" I Squel.

"WHAT, WHAT. TELL ME!" She screams.


"Oh" Her voice drops, sounding disappointed.

"Rose, don't be sad. You'll get to meet him! Think about it!" I laugh.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. It's just hard considering your not even a belieber nor even a fan."

"I understand" I sigh

"Look, I have to go. See you tomorrow"


I fling my phone down on the bed and rub my temples. Brilliant. He's already started turning friends against me before I've even met him. 

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