A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


3. Last Day of School

*ping* *ping *ping*

i groan hitting my alarm.

"Jessie Mae!" Mum shouts "Today's your last day of school, so get your butt out of bed and make it your best!"

I drag myself out of bed and sleepily walk downstairs.

"Look lively, it's your last day!" Mum squeals.

"hmm" I sigh "I don't want to leave everyone. I'll miss them."

Mum just shakes her head and throws toast at my plate "A couple of weeks ago, you were moaning to get out of school. You got your wish honey."

I take a big bite of my toast and muffle through the warm buttery bread "I didn't mean literally".

Mum huffs "you're never grateful" As she slams a cupboard shut. "We have guests tonight anyway, don't be late home, they're coming early."

"Who?" I question

"you'll see, but I can't tell you incase you let it slip at school" she jeers

"ahhh, Justin's coming. Great. I'll make sure I tell everyone" I laugh, running upstairs.

"NO. IT'S. NOT" Mum screams after me.



"Babe" Rose screams, as she jumps on as I'm making my way to lunch. "You're last lunch babe. I can't believe your going, your-your-you're leaving me. It's not fair, who's going to be my new babe, we do everything together and what after today I don't get to see you until a year. A year Jessie. Do you know how long that is? 365 days,  52 weeks, 12 months. Jessie, we will be strangers. I'm going to lose my J-J." She huffs as she passes me a tray. 


"I-I-I'm sorry Rose. It's not like I can live at my house by myself for a year, do you know how devastated my dad will be. He thinks he's being dad of the year. Anyway, it's not like I won't see you for a whole year, there might be a couple of months in between but I can come visit you and you can come visit me and meet Justin" I wink as I nudge her sharp in the ribs. She smiles, and passes me my favourite sandwich, cheese and a bottle of water. "Look, I have to go to a English catch up, don't see the point but I can't have an after school. I'll see you in a couple of months ok? I love you so much Rose, don't get any more detentions and be good." I cry as tears race down my cheek. I hug her, suffocating her. 

"I love you too Jessie" she muffles through sobs.

I let go and walk off, holding on to my last memory picture of her. Her long, shiny blonde hair cascading down her back, her bright blue eyes, sparkling with tears. Her natural dark, plump lips standing out against her smooth, pale skin.

"Goodbye Rose" I whisper as I wipe away tears. 

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