A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


4. Guests

"You look beautiful" My mum gasps from the doorway as I spin around in my best crip white dress.

"Hmm" I sigh."I don't even like Justin, mum. But yet I have to spend a year with him! Everyone knows I don't like him and I don't want to be two faced by being sweet to his face."

"Jessie" my mum lets out a deep breath. "You haven't even met the guy yet, you can't just judge him. You've gotta give him a chance"

"Mum!" I moan "but I know I don't like Justin, I don't like what I see on TV, and what I hear about  him an-"

"BUT" my mum interrupts " if you really don't like him after meeting him, then fine. Keep out of his way but you have to be nice to his face, this is his tour!" She tells me as she comes over and clips my hair back. "There, you look stunning" she kisses my temple and walks off. "Oh and Jessie" she says as she stops in the doorway and turns around "you've obviously only heard bad stuff about him" and this time she actually leaves. 

I let out a big sigh and perch on the side off my bed picking up my iPhone and sliding my thumb across the screen to unlock it. I tap safari and type in *good Justin Bieber*. I scroll through the results until I see one web page *the good things Bieber has done* . I tap on it and suddenly a purple page with lots of links pops up. I scroll through the links, some were talking about charity and avlanna and what he's done for his beliebers and the hospitals he's been too. I'm about to click on a link when the doorbell goes. I take a deep breath and stand up looking at myself in the mirror. Nows the time to make a good impression to Justin and his family and his work members. 

I put my ear to the door and listen.

"Oh I'm so glad you're here!" My mum exclaims.

"yes welcome" my dad adds on

"oh, you have such a lovely home" A woman's voice comes. That must be Pattie, Justin's mum.

Then some people's voice who I don't recognise talk and then my mum again

"Wow there is a lot of you. Good I cooked a lot" Pattie laughs at this. And then Justin talks. The first thing he said was to do with me,

"Your daughter is she the same ages as me" He asks my mum, to this I guess my mum nods because he replies saying "I would love to meet her, where is she" 

"Jessie come down dear" my mum shouts up. "She'll be down soon, how about we go and sit in the lounge and introduce ourselves" mum says cheerily.

A lot of people move and walk and then the lounge door closes and I hear no more. 

I rush to the mirror and pluck some of my eyebrows and top up on deodorant and perfume and I add extra bounce to my hair. While I'm doing this all I can think about is Justin and how sexy his voice was and he the first thing he even said was about me and how it was all over twitter that he and Selena had broken up and he had confirmed it. I pinch and whisper to myself "No Jessie! no! You hate Justin! You hate him!"


I put down the hairspray and open my door, walking downstairs "I hate him" I reassure myself.


i open the lounge door and everyone looks at me, it stays like that for a while until my mum says "Jessie dear, this is Pattie, his mum, Jeremy, his dad, Jazmyn and Jaxon, his sister and brother, Scooter, his manager, Ryan, his tour manager, Kenny, his bodyguard,  Alison, his general manager, and last off all Justin." Me and Justin make eye contact them, his creamy brown eyes bore in to my light blue eyes. A big smile spreads across his lips as he drops his head as he blushes. 

"Nice to meet you all" I say confidently.

"Grubs up" My dad shouts happily, his flushed face appearing in the doorway.




I put down my knife and fork, half of my dinner left. "Dad please may I leave the table and go for a walk, I'm feeling a bit hot"

"of course, honey" My dad smiles. I get up and walk to the door, I can feel all eyes on me. 

"Yeah so am I" I hear Justin say as he gets up and leaves, I'm about to shut the door when he grabs it and laughs "woooahh hold on, can I walk with you?'

"sure" I smile

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