A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


6. Breathlessness

We break away after minutes of breathlessness silence.

"I-i'm sorry" Justin stammered. "I'm not quite sure what came over me."

"It's fine", i laugh. "It was nice".

He laughs too and entwines his fingers with mine, rubbing my hand softly. "I meant what i said you know. You really are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen." 

I laugh blushing "Stop. You're embarrassing me. You know its probably safe to leave now."

He chuckles. "You're right it probably is. However i don't want to leave" he says before pulling me into his arms again. I lay my head on his chest again. The beating of his heart can just be heard over the sound of the waves beating hard on the shore. The smell of sea salts was heavy in this dank cove. He starts running his hand through my hair, sending tingles down my back. We sit like this watching the sea from the cove entrance, entwined in one another. Every time i breathed in his scent it was euphoric. We sat like that until it got dark around us and we could no longer see each other, just hear each other breathing in the smallness of the cove. "We should probably get back" Justin whispers. "They'll be getting worried back at your house".

I nod and stand up carefully. I start walking out of the entrance when i feel Justin grab my arm and pull me back into him before he smashes his lips on to mine. He grabs my arms and pins them up against the cove wall as the kiss gets deeper. This kiss is so passionate that we both lean in for more until we become one being breathing hard in the pleasure of the kiss.

Justin breaks away regrettably. "Damn" He sighs. "I wish i could do that all night." He grabs my hand and entwines his fingers in mine and starts walking out of the cove. 

"But Justin" I stammer. "Isn't this a bit of a bold statement. I mean what if someone sees us holding hands?"

"Jessie it's so dark i can't even see you. It'll be fine." Justin lent down and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Come on." 

So we walked hand in hand all way back to my house, the feeling of euphoric radiating of me.


               ~ I am so sorry about how long this has taken me to update. I hope you enjoy this chapter. If you enjoy then make sure to give it a like and leave a comment if you have any suggestions for what you want to happen. Thank you all for being so patient. - Secretwriter77 ~

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