A year with Justin

Jessie is leading a normal life until she has to spend a year on tour with JUSTIN BIEBER


5. A walk

Me and Justin walk up the lane in silent, the air whipping around our faces, like a cold slap in the face.

"You have a lovely home" Justin mumbles.

"Yeah" I agree "It's alright". 

"So, tell me about yourself" Justin says brightly

We come to the end of the lane and I stop, staring at the beach straight ahead. It's a quiet, chilly day. The sea water laps up the golden sand. I continue across and perch myself on a creaking sun bed and wrap my cardigan tighter around myself as the air carried on slapping our faces. Two girls, a couple years younger than us, are playing some child's game near. Justin sits next to me, laying down on his side and staring up at me.

"There's not much to tell" I reply quietly. "I was born at Universal hospital, up the road, and I've grown up in the same house my whole life. Pretty much it, nothing too dramatic in my life."

Justin then rolls over on his back and looks up to the darkening sky, putting his arm behind his head. "No, tell me your hobbies, likes and dislikes, what you do on weekends."

"I like shopping and reading. I hate cocky people. Look I don't know, I'm not an interesting girl, I keep myself to myself. I'm quiet, shy. I can't make people laugh and I'm certainly not some drop dead gorgeous girl." A huge weight feels like it's been lifted of my chest, i breathe in the sea air.

"Don't say that" Justin whispers "it's not true"

"How do you know! You've just met me" My voice rises but I try to keep a cool head. "What about you, what are you like, the Justin the cameras don't get to see?" I sigh.

"Well, I love my family so I try to see them as much as I can, and I like to relax otherwise I'm busy and the cameras are always on me." Justin stretches. "Look, Jessie, yo-"

"IS THAT JUSTIN BIEBER" One of the girls screams. "OH MY GOD, COME ON STACEY." And they both start running.

"Shit" Justin mutters and he grabs my hand, dragging me up. "I don't care where, but get me away." I nod and squeeze down on his hand before running as fast as I can. 




I stop out of breath gasping for air and collapse on the side of the wall. I brought him to a tiny cove, it barely fit me and Justin and we were pushed up against each other. "S-s-sorry" I stammer. trying to get my breath back. "It was the only place I could think of. I come up here when I want to be alone. When I want no one to find me."


"well good." Justin says "because I don't want to be found. I never get a break." He mutters softly.

Our bodies are touching, so close, but if feels nice good. I'm at least a foot smaller and I can feel his hot breath on the top of my head. 

I start shivering violently as the evening gets darker and colder. "Your cold" and he brings me in to a great hug, wrapping his arms around me. "Wrap your legs around me"

"W-What, Justin, there's barely any space"

"just do it." He whispers softly.

i obeyed and do it even though it's a tight squeeze. He then sits on the floor, bringing me closetr to him and I lay my head on his chest.

After some time he finally says "Hey, look at me"

I look up in to his creamy eyes. 

"What you said before, none of its true from what I gather so far and you know what your one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen". Justin whispers before reaching down and bringing us in to a passionate kiss.  

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