Full Moon (OneDirection/Werewolf)

We joke about unnatural creatures and tell scary stories about big foot. It's a part of being human. But it's really actually a warning. I never realized that, which caused my whole life to change.
"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.
"Yes." My voice quivered.
"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.
"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

(One Direction NOT FAMOUS)


6. Chapter Six: Your Eighteenth Birthday

(Ela's POV)

Sunshine from the window blinded me causing me to roll over and groan. "Get up Ela, we have school." I heard David say.

"I'm not going." I groaned. I felt the blankets be pulled off the top of me.

"Don't you want to see your boyfriend?" I groaned.

"I don't have a boyfriend." I pulled myself into a ball so I'd be warmer.

"Get up." He groaned standing infront of me.

"No." I shoved a pillow over my head.

"I'm giving you 5 seconds before I personally lift you up and drag you downstairs."

"I'm not getting up."

"5." He paused, but I didn't move. "4, 3, 2, 1." I felt two hands wrap around my waist as David lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.

I began screaming. "Put me down!" I pounded on his back. "Put me down right now David! I swear to god!" He started going down the stairs when my Aunt got into this.

"David!" David put me down then and I struggled for balance as I fell to the ground. I felt dizzy, and then I put my hand to my neck. Nothing. Aunt Jesse looked at David. "Who did that to her?"

"It was Nialls pack." David groaned looking at me, and I frowned.

"You let them mark her?!" She punched David, but surprisingly she didn't break any fingers.

"I'm right here." I said and they all looked at me.

"Does she know?" Aunt Jesse asked.

"Kind of."

"Go to your room." Aunt Jesse said, clearly angry. Then she held out a hand and I stood up. I felt pain in my stomach, like I was hungry. "Honey, is this to over welming for you?"

"I want to see Niall." I covered my mouth, the words slipping from my mouth.

"Ofcourse." Aunt Jesse said looking worried. "He's not aloud in this house." She said angry. She removed my hand from my neck. "Only 1st stage we can still remove the mark if you want to."

"No I want to see Niall." What the hell was wrong with me? I kept having sudden urges to see Niall. I heard a door bell ring and I ran to the door to open it. Niall came bursting in, and wrapping me in his arms. My stomach no longer hurt.

"Get out of here!" I heard Aunt Jesse say. Niall let out a deep growl, and no matter how much I wanted to be scared of Niall for what he is my body wouldn't let me pull away from him. Niall grabbed my hand and pulled me outside so my Aunt wouldn't be so angry.

"Why'd you bite me?" I said as he kissed my jaw slowly.

"Because you're mine." He growled, and shivers were sent down my spine.

"But you're not human." He pulled away and looked at me with begging eyes.

"Well neither are you."

I laughed. "What?"

"How old are you?" He said folding his arms across his chest as it began to rain. Thankfully we were standing on a porch so I wouldn't get drenched.

"What's the date?" I said, remembering I did have a birthday coming up soon.

"March 23rd."

"Then I'm 18." Niall's eyes widened, and once again I was confused.

"Does your Aunt know, you're 18?"

"I don't know?" I sat down on the porch swing, my back ached but I was just happy it wasn't my neck.

"Maybe you should tell her."

"No I don't like celebreating my birthday, it just means I'm getting old."

"Go tell her." Niall said, staring at me angrily.

"Fine." I got up and knocked on the door. "Make a big deal out of nothing." My Aunt Jesse opened the door.

"No he can not come inside."

"I wasn't going to ask." I said offensivly. "Niall wanted me to tell you it's my birthday."

My Aunt Jesse's mood changed, for angry to extremely happy. She pulled me into a hug. "How old are you?"

"18." I said frusturated. Aunt Jesse pulled away from the hug and looked at me.

"David!" She yelled, and David came running down the stairs. She whispered something in her ear. And David looked up at me and smiled.

"What a fun day." He said looking at me, and with that he threw me over his shoulders again and this time, I just didn't even care. Niall followed David. "If you touch me, I'll personally slit your throat." He said looking at Niall.

"She's my mate, if you do anything to piss her off, I'll personally remove your head."

"You're both pissing me off, so just shut up." I said annoyed. David brought me out to a shed and laid set me down on the ground.

"How many more hours?" Niall asked.

David looked at me. "Phone please."

"No, it's my phone not yours you're not my mother." David grabbed onto my arms and held them behind my back while he removed my phone from my pocket. "You can rip off his head now." I said crossing my arms.

"She's got about 13 hours till it starts." David said. "You can watch her suffer." Me suffer? What? Was David seriously turning on me?

"You might need chains to hold her still."

"I know I'll go get them from the garage." David said leaving, disapearing faster than I expected him too.

"You're not chaining me up." I said laughing.

"Yes I am love." He said sitting besides me. I moved away from him and so he sat across the shed from me. "Do you want me to explain?"

"Why don't you, seems how nobody else wants to." Niall let out a puff of air.

"Are you going to run away this time?" He meant the forest of course when he shifted into a huge furry beast that could have ripped me to pieces.

"I figured I wasn't going to be able to because I'll be chained up." I said clearly angry.

"Right..." Niall said sounding annoyed. "So 18 years old."

"If you're going to humiliate me, then just shut up."

(Niall's POV)

I so badly wanted to tell Ela what was going to happen, but she had basically seen everything the first couple days she's been here.

But here's how this works. On every wolfs 18th birthday they shift for their first time at midnight. They basically break every bone in their body shifting their first time, but every other time they shift they just shift. But everybody knows that Ela is different, it's why we're all attracted to her. She lives in a family of Originals.

Originals are people who started a species, in this case Ela's mother and father were the first wolves. Making Ela a second wolf. Originals can't be killed they live forever. Only when most Originals are born, they're born a wolf Ela wasn't. Because she's different, she's special.

"If you're going to humliliate me, then just shut up."

"Here you go." David said throwing the chains on the dirt floor. He looked over at me. "Have fun Alpha." He said before leaving. David closed the shed door and boarded it shut.

"Go ahead." She said looking at me. I looked at the chains, they weren't any original chains. They had shackles, and they were wolf proof. So no wolf can break through them, it gives them a strong scent that humans can't smell. David also left a drill with me, so I could bolt the ends of the chains to the wall. So I did that exactly. I bolted the chains to the sides of the walls and then bounded Ela's hands in chains.

She couldn't sit down because the chains weren't log enough, and she looked miserable. Which is normal. It was about noon, and I hadn't eaten and neither had she. While she was chained towards the back of the small shed, I was by the doors incase things got out of control.

Ela refused to talk to me, and I felt horrible for chaining her to the shed walls, but she wouldn't remember any of this anyways. And hour after hour Ela looked worse. She was sweating horribly, and her hands were clenched in fists.

By 11 at night, Ela started to shift. She screamed and screamed in pain as each bone in her body broke. It hurt to see her in so much pain, but she only cursed and screamed, she wouldn't talk to me.

But finally pain broke over her, and she began begging me for help. "Please make it stop." She said sobbing.

"Every wolf goes through this, be strong." She screamed once again as her back made a loud cracking noise. As she continued to shift I heard somebody remove the boards to the shed. She screamed once again.

"How's she doing?" David said finaly coming through the doors.

"Almost done, she started early." David looked down at Ela, and Ela looked up. Her eyes were bright red. David and I both looked at her amazed. "She's not just an Original." I said amazed, I couldn't belive this.

"She's a pureblood." Ela broke through the chains as she as she finished shifting. Her wolf was huge for a womens size. Not bigger than David and I, but she was a pureblood. One of the most powerful wolves in the world.


A/N: Okay here's one chapter. It's not edited so sorry about that, I'll edit it after I get the chapters up! sorry for not updating in a long time I've been super busy! xoxo

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