Full Moon (OneDirection/Werewolf)

We joke about unnatural creatures and tell scary stories about big foot. It's a part of being human. But it's really actually a warning. I never realized that, which caused my whole life to change.
"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.
"Yes." My voice quivered.
"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.
"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

(One Direction NOT FAMOUS)


18. Chapter Seventeen: It begins

(Ela's POV)

My eyes hit sudden sunlight, and I slowly sat up in discomfort. I looked around to find myself laying in Niall's bedroom. I swung my feet around the edge of the bed, the noticing the bulge in my stomach, reminding me that I was pregnant. I used my knuckles to support my weight as I quickly stood up. I was then standing up on the floor, holding onto the side of the bed. As soon as I felt balanced I stood straight up and let go of the bed, only to find myself losing my balance again. I panicked and began falling before warm arms wrapped around me before impact. I let out a huge sigh in relief.

I looked up to find Niall smiling at me. "Morning." I smiled weekly, tired, and exhausted. "You hungry?"

"No." My voice cracked. "Just thirsty." Niall helped me stand back up straight, but kept his hands around my waist as we made our way down the stairs to the kitchen. My body felt numb, and my legs and arms felt like Jello. Niall picked me up quickly and sat me down on a chair. He suddenly appeared with a cold glass of water. I grabbed onto it about to chug it but Niall pulled it away from me. "Slowly." A low growl came from my throat and I brought the cup to my dry lips. Once the water hit my mouth, my lips felt hydrated, and my throat felt clear.

Once I was finished drinking the water, Niall sat down next to me. "How long was I asleep this time?"

"About a day, are you sure your not hungry?"

"I'm fine."

"But it looks like you've lost weight."

"Niall I'm pregnant, I don't lose weight." I laughed a little, but stopped when I realized my ribs ached.

"Look at your arms." I looked at them then, noticing how stick thin I looked. "Now are you hungry?"


"Just eat a sandwich for me at least?" He begged.

"I told you I wasn't hungry." I hopped down from my chair, realizing that was a bad idea. Every bone in my body began to ache. Niall came up to my side once again wrapping his arms around my waist. "This is hell." Niall laughed a little. "This is not a laughing matter." I said my voice sounded angry. But Niall continued to laugh.

"Your having pregnant mood swings." Niall let go of my waist to cover his mouth to stop himself from laughing, so I grabbed onto the counter.

"If I weren't pregnant, I'd punch you right now."

"No you wouldn't, my face is to adorable for punching."

"Who says I was going to punch you in the face." I said letting out a big breath.

"That's just not even funny." Niall said not laughing anymore.

"Not so funny anymore is it?" I said making my way to the end of the counter. "I feel like a 70 year old that can't walk, I'm a wolf I should be strong but I feel so weak." Niall picked me up bridal style then. "Show off." I muttered under my breath.

"How do you feel about visiting some people?"

"I've worn the same clothes for 4 days, because I can't bring myself to change, or better yet shower, and you want me to go visit somebody?"

"Fine." Niall carried me to the couch and sat me down. I felt a movement in my stomach then and I made a whelping noise then prepared myself for more pain, but it didn't come. Niall looked worried, but I rested back on the couch.

"Just moved." Niall let out a big breath of air and relaxed. "Why don't you feel the same pain I do?" I said confused.

"I don't know, some pregnancy thing." Before we could carry on our conversation, there was a loud pounding on the door. Niall swiftly jumped over the couch.

"It's an Emergency, please lets talk outside." I heard Zayn's voice say. Niall looked at me, and we had a moment of silence as we stared into each others eyes until Zayn grabbed him by the arm and pulled him outside.


(Niall's POV)

Zayn grabbed onto my arm slamming the door shut. "Their coming."


"Don't be stupid." Zayn said clearly angry, and worried. And then I realized who he was talking about. Our enemies were coming, it was time.

"Why now?!" I said running my hands through my hair starting to freak out.

"We must go prepare everybody before it's to late." Zayn suddenly disappeared, and I ran off to go collect our men. War was about to begin.


(Ela's POV)

It had been over 20 minutes now, and Niall hadn't come back. I would have gone searching for him earlier, but my weight was holding me down. So I continued to wait, and honestly I was starting to get so nervous that I had moments where I was going to try to call myself to shift.

But finally after 30 minutes of waiting for Niall to come back, Harry and Liam came running to the house. They each grabbed one of my arms and lifted me up. "What the hell are you doing?" I said confused. Obviously not being able to fight against their grip.

"Taking you to a safe area." Harry picked up my feet suddenly, so that Liam could carry me bridal style. Of course he carried me like I was a doll. And it made me feel sick almost. Liam began running with me then. I guess that was the one thing nice about living in a wolf area, not humans were around and we were free to do what we wanted. And what was even nicer was that we were surrounded my forest, so our howls would echo, but nobody would hear them. The only thing we had to be careful about was the highway, but trees separated us from that too.

I could tell that Liam was trying to run carefully with me in his arms, but every time his foot hit the ground, pain shot through my body. I wasn't even that far into the pregnancy and it was already hell. Eventually Liam brought me to a small small cottage way far out into the forest, away from town. As soon as we walked inside, Harry locked us in. And I began to panic. "Isn't Niall going to come?"

"He's busy."

"But I haven't told him good-bye Liam." Liam sat me down in a small chair next to a fire place. "What if he gets hurt." I began to sweat and I felt my blood pressure rise. "What if I lose him Liam."

"Ela shut up! Please! He has Pure Blood Powers! For gods sakes!"

"He's not and Original Liam!"

"Just calm down!"

"I can't calm-." I was cut short then. Knowing what was coming. I began shaking my head as the pain shot through my body. My wolf ripping through me as I let out the loudest howl. Liam quickly came over to me covering my mouth. I gripped my stomach in pain. "I need Niall!" I screamed, knowing he was the only one that could comfort me. But there was no doctor around. "Choke me till I pass out!" I screamed at Liam.

"I can't that will affect Niall too!"

"Do it!"

"No, I can't, anything that happens to you happens to Niall and I can't risk that while he's at war."

"Then let me send him a message, give me a knife!"

"I'm not gonna let you kill yourself." Liam said starting to panic. I wrenched my head backwards, the pain becoming unbearable. I began digging my fingernails into my skin then writing 'Pain'. hoping he knew what I meant. And I prayed to god Liam wouldn't look while I did so. A very small amount of blood dripped, but it quickly healed as I remembered how werewolves could heal quickly. Why didn't the pain go away in my stomach? But in my arm it would? I frowned then.

"Liam if you don't give me a knife so I can send Niall a message through cutting myself, I will personally stand up and kick you so hard."

"Niall sent me ropes and I will tie you to that chair if I have to."

"Do it I dare you." Liam laughed, and I began standing up. And before I could blink he had my wrists tied to the chair. I felt my blood pressure drop, and the pain started to subside. What was going on?

And then I realized that whenever my blood pressure got high and I panicked, it scared the baby. "The pains gone."


"I just have to stay calm." I smiled proud that I had outsmarted the pain.


A/N: Sorry I hadn't updated in a while I was visiting family. Anyways, here's a short chapter. I will try to update tomorrow. Sorry for the long wait!

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