Full Moon (OneDirection/Werewolf)

We joke about unnatural creatures and tell scary stories about big foot. It's a part of being human. But it's really actually a warning. I never realized that, which caused my whole life to change.
"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.
"Yes." My voice quivered.
"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.
"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

(One Direction NOT FAMOUS)


1. Chapter One: Uncle Tom

(Ela's POV)



"Do you need help with your suitcases?" Papa nervously asked me as I struggled to grab onto all of my luggage.

I'm fine Papa." I said finally getting situated. My mother dabbed  her eyes with a tissue like she actually cared. But in reality she was sending me away. My mother wrapped me into a hug while I stood there hoping I wouldn't drop any of my bags. She kissed my cheek, and my father just nodded. I didn't say any goodbyes because I was to emotional to even care anymore. I turned on my heels and left my sweet home of London.

I felt empty as I boarded the plane. My now X-boyfriend Tyler and I had to break up when we decided a long distance relationship wouldn't work. I sat down on my plane seat, and struggled to focus. Alls I could think about was that night. A little boy came and sat next to me. Making me feel more miserable than I already was. He carelessly picked his nose in front of me and rubbed it onto the arm rest. I held in the sick feeling in my throat and tried to think of something else. But that night just kept coming into my head.


*FLASHBACK: 2 weeks earlier*


I heard glass shatter and I ran down the stairs "God dammit Lunette!" I ran into the kitchen to see what was going on. Lunette Shraw was my mothers name. my father only called my bother Lunette when he was angry. But when I saw his face, it was almost purple, and the vessels at the side of his head were going to explode. A broken beer bottle was shattered on the floor.

My mother sat on the stool that stood next to the counter crying. "What's going on?" I asked confused. My parents both looked at me with pale blank faces.

"Your mother got fired! That's what's going on!" My father had never been a working man because my mother was a supervisor at some famous clothing store. "Now we can't afford you!" He screamed. What was there to afford about me? Clothes? I could wear the ones I have now. I stopped growing my freshman year, and I'm a Junior now.

"Afford me?" I was not only confused  but angry would describe my emotions better. I couldn't think straight. Was this what they had always wanted? For me to be gone? For me to be no where near them. My father had always been drunk when he came home form parties. But my mother never mentioned anything, because she was to scared.

"We're sending you to your Aunt Jesse's." My mother said, and I knew my world would flip upside down. "It's for the best." She stared at me, and I had known what she had meant. My father was a sick and dangerous man, but what about her? I was still angry with her for sending me away, but it made me realize how much I really didn't want to be here anymore.




As I got off the plane, I couldn't focus with so many people having so many conversations. "Hey you!" I noticed a man, probably just a little older than me come running towards me.

"Me?" I asked just to make sure he meant me.

"Yeah." He finally caught up to me and grabbed two of my bags. "I'm David, your long distant cousin that you haven't seen in like 100 years." He said.

"I'm Ela, nice to meet you 100 year old long distant cousin." I mocked him a little with a smile on my face.

"Funny." He said laughing. I finally got a clear look at him as soon as we got outside of the crowded airport. He was definitely taller than me, probably about 6'5". He wore a fitted white t-shirt, and blue jeans that were ripped. His skin tone was a caramel color that went good with his blonde hair and chocolate eyes. He had a black mark on his shoulder that I couldn't really see, but something was there. He was buff too, extremely buff.

"Ela?" He must have saw me staring, so I felt a little awkward.

"Sorry." He led me out to his car and we put all my stuff in the back of his truck. I looked at my plane ticket so I knew where I was even at. Vancleave, Mississippi. What a weird name, Mississippi. "Where where are you from?" He asked me as we started driving away from the airport.

"The south part of London." I looked out the window and noticed how dark the clouds looked. I looked around at the people as we drove into some neighborhood.

As David turned a corner, the houses looked worse than the ones before. Broken window, dirty sides, mud spots, dirt patches. People that were outside all turned towards David and I suddenly. I felt nervous so I slouched in my seat and tried not to get so much attention. But I felt all eyes on me. David didn't notice I guess  because he didn't mention anything. We pulled into the driveway to a white house. David and I grabbed my suitcases and walked inside.

I was quickly welcomed by my Aunt Jesse as I began to put some suitcases in the kitchen. David I set my suitcases in the kitchen as well  when Uncle Tom came out. When he pulled me into a hug, his skin burned me. I winced and pulled away. "Y-Your skin." I looked at him seeing him from the 1st time since I was 9.

"Sorry I have been working outside." Uncle Tom reminded me of David a lot. He had darker skin and chocolate eyes. He was bald though, and had a lot more muscle than David. They were both about the same height. one that that confused me though was if I was blood related to them in a way. How could they be so tall and strong? Like seriously, I'm 5'3 and couldn't beat a fly in a arm wrestling tournament if I tried. Even Aunt Jesse had height on me, and wasn't as weak as me.

The room fell tense and silent as Uncle Tom left. "Why don't we get you settled in?" Aunt Jesse said breaking the awkward silence. I nodded and followed my Aunt Jesse to my new room.

It was a small room that was painted a navy blue. A bed with no blankets or sheets lay towards the window. And a dresser was right next to it. "Sorry it's not that best, last minute surprise." I didn't think it was actually that bad, besides the fact it was empty of course. Which didn't make me any happier, because I felt so lonely.

Aunt Jesse left me in my new room to get comfortable. Where I use to live, the weather was hot, but when I opened the only window in my room I noticed it was raining outside. I few boys that were shirtless looked in my direction. Before closing the curtain, I realized that they all looked  similar to David and Uncle Tom.

With the window being closed again, I began to talk to myself to feel more comfortable. "What is with these people?" I tried to ignore it, but I wanted to know why I was being stared at so much.

After finishing about 1 hour later, I heard footstep coming down the hallway "You hungry?" David asked me peaking into my room. "It's my favorite, cheese burgers."

I rubbed my stomach. "No thanks, I'm going to bed my sleep plan is all messed up."

"If you say so, more for me." David ran off. I switched into my PJ's and threw my hair into a bun. I walked into the bathroom across the hall form my room and washed all my makeup off.

Alls I could think of was the stares I got. I dragged myself back to bed. I had no pillow or blanket, so I couldn't go to sleep. I shivered and eventually just grabbed a bathroom towel and fell asleep knowing that my 1st day at a new school was tomorrow...


A/N: Wooh! That was fun to write because I'm so excited to write more! Tell me what you guys think so far :)

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