Full Moon (OneDirection/Werewolf)

We joke about unnatural creatures and tell scary stories about big foot. It's a part of being human. But it's really actually a warning. I never realized that, which caused my whole life to change.
"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.
"Yes." My voice quivered.
"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.
"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

(One Direction NOT FAMOUS)


5. Chapter Five: Out of Bounds

(Matt's POV)

I saw Niall, carrying Ela in his arms. To think that he was touching her made me want to rip his heart out and feed it to a rogue, or himself. Ela had her little hand cupped on her neck blood covering her hand. Liam and Louis, hybrids in Niall's back, were holding David up while he yelped in pain. The pain in everybodys neck was horrible, including mine.

Niall set Ela back down on the ground and unhooked the necklace around her neck throwing it off to the side. No longer weak then, I lunged forward towards Niall. But I was quickly grabbed my the neck and thrown onto the ground. I looked up to be face to face with Liam. His fangs showing, his skin cracking. "Don't make me rip your heart out!" He said. I tried to turn my head to see where Niall was but I couldn't. Liam fell off of me as David pounced on him. I quickly got up and went to search for my Ela as David tried to fight the two most powerful hybrids in the world.


(Ela's POV)

Niall laid me near a log that was wet from the rain. "How you doing beautiful?" He said smiling down at me.

"It hurts." I said taking my fingers away from the bite mark. I was still confused why he had bit me. But I wondered even more why it hurt to not have Niall's skin against mine. His touch used to burn me. Niall laid next to me and intertwined my fingers with his. He softly kissed my neck and shivers went down my back. "I'm so confused."

"About what baby?" He said intertwining our fingers.

"What's happening to me?" Niall didn't answer. "I barely know you, and I feel like I'm in love."

Niall looked over at me and smiled. He leaned closer to me sending my stomach into a twist. I sat up slowly holding onto my neck.

"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.

"Yes." My voice quivered.

"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.

"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

I stood there, not knowing what to say or do. A wolf stood before me. Not a normal one, a huge one. It was Midnight black, beautiful, but scary. At first I didn't know what to do. I wanted to scream and run and never look back, but I was froze. To scared that it would lunge at me. The wolf looked at me and walked over to me. It stood over me looking me right in the eyes. It backed up then and ran into the woods.

This is when I took the time to sprint. I ran from the woods, hoping I could find my way back to the school. But every time I heard a howl I'd run in the opposite direction. I kept going in circles. And I started getting scared. It was getting to be dark too, and rain was starting to fall from the sky. My mid-thigh dress that I still haven't gotten to change out of, wasn't warm enough for me. I found myself sitting under a tree clutching my arms as I froze in the rain.

"Ela!" I heard a voice echo in my head, but it didn't feel real. "Ela!" This time it was louder than before. It echoed again, this time making my head hurt. I couldn't think. I felt like each breath was getting heavier and heavier making it hard for me to breath. "Ela!" I heard them call again. This time the voice faded away. And nobody called my name.

I was lost, and it was getting really dark now. I could barely make out the shapes around me, either because I was tired or because I felt ill. I was freezing, why couldn't anybody find me? Had I ran that far out? "Boys over here!" I heard somebody call. That husky voice, I swore it was familiar. "Well look what we have here." I kept my head leaned against the tree as I felt bold arms pull me upwards. "She's not a rogue." Somebody touched the side of my face and put their warm hand on my neck. My eyes were closed because I was to scared to see who it was. "She was bit." He took his warm hand of the bite on my neck and I winced in pain. My eyes shot open then as I looked at the people around me.

"Morning kitten." said the one holding me. I struggled in his arms.

"Put me down." I said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I can't. You get to meet the Alpha." I groaned, and this time I wasn't going to let it go. I began moving in his arms, trying to make it difficult for him to carry me. But each time I moved he held me closer to him, almost squishing me to death.

"I can walk you know." Some of the other guys started laughing. "Shut up." I said sharply.

"Wow feisty little one." I used my chance to slap the guy that was holding me, right across the face. He dropped me, and I fell on my back as I hit the ground. The breath came out of me faster than I expected it to, but while they weren't looking I ran again. I ran and ran and ran. "You shouldn't have done that." He said running behind me. He went to go grab me, but he stopped. I stopped and looked back at them. "I wouldn't come in our territory again, or next time we'll kill you." I looked at the ground to see if there was a line or something but there wasn't. They walked off and I couldn't see them anymore.

What kind of childish game was this? Prank the new girl? I was officially get sick of everybody in this town. And I actually wanted to go home. I could no longer see where I was going, and I needed David badly. Where was a friend when you needed one?

I couldn't see anymore than a couple feet ahead of me anymore. I kept hearing growling, howling, and my name. But I knew it was all just in my head. I kept walking and walking trying to find my way out. When suddenly my foot hit hard ground. The school parking lot. I fell onto the ground in complete relief as I heard footsteps come my way. "Just leave me alone." I said tired. I just didn't want any guys super vision for once in the two days that I've been here.

I felt cold raindrops pound against my body as I laid there cold. "Ela, it's me David."

"I want to go back home." David rubbed my back as he picked me up bridal style. "Are you a werewolf?" David stopped, frozen and scared of how to respond.

"Who told you?" He said, still standing in the same spot.

"Your skin burns like Niall's." I said mumbling from being so tired, weak, and sick. "Can we please just go? I want to get a plane ticket and just leave."

"You can't go back Ela." David said, as he started running.

"Why not?" But before he could respond, I felt my eyes close. And I fell to sleep dreaming about what had just happened.


A/N: Omg I wanted to write more tonight, but I have been having so much stuff going on I haven't had a lot of time. Tomorrow I won't get a lot of time either. This weekend I promise I'll update a ton! Sorry! xoxo

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