Full Moon (OneDirection/Werewolf)

We joke about unnatural creatures and tell scary stories about big foot. It's a part of being human. But it's really actually a warning. I never realized that, which caused my whole life to change.
"Do you trust me?" His lips brushed against my ear, his husky voice made my heart beat faster.
"Yes." My voice quivered.
"Are you scared of me?" He stood over me, and I refused to make eye contact with him.
"No." He took a step back from me. Before lunging into the air, and revealing his true self.

(One Direction NOT FAMOUS)


16. Chapter Fifteen: You Don't Know (Part 1)

(Ela's POV)

"Zayn can you get me something to eat?" I said groaning in pain.

"What do you want?"

"Anything, I'm starving."

"I'm bad at cooking."

"Just please cook something." I said rolling over. Ugh I felt like crap, my temperature was high. Ulrica has complained all day. My stomach hurts. I have a beating headache. And Niall's not here.

"Hey Little L." Louis said walking inside. "Whoa you look like shit."

"I feel like it to." I said adjusting a pillow above my head as I laid on the couch watching TV.

"Zayn you didn't take her to the pack wolf?"

"She told me not to." Zayn said putting his hands up as defense.

"Why not?" Louis looked at me.

"I'm not going to die." I said rolling my eyes.

"I'll be right back."

"No!" I went to get up, but pain shot through my body, and I clutched my stomach in pain as I laid back down.

"You're going to need the Doc, whether you want attention of not." I groaned, and Zayn came to my side.

"Please get Niall." I said. Ulrica howling inside me.

"I'm sorry Luna, he does not want to be disturbed."

"Then I'll get him myself." I started getting up, but almost fell over. Zayn grabbed onto my waist.

"Please sit down before you hurt yourself." I sat back down on the couch then, Zayn holding me up when it really should be Niall.

"Please get Niall." I said begging him.

"I'm sorry Luna." Zayn said apologetically.

"Hello Luna." I heard some deep voice boom. "Zayn, do me a favor, can you take her upstairs so I can check her out in privacy?" Doc said pulling on gloves. Zayn nodded picking me up Bridal style then. He carried me up to Niall's bedroom. "How are you doing today Luna?" He said wrapping something black made of plastic around my arm.

"Horrible." I groaned.

"What's Ulrica saying about this?" He said laughing a little.

"She won't shut up." I said smiling a little.

"What about Niall?" He said looking at a clock.

"He doesn't know, about me, me being sick." I said, angry filling my voice.

"Probably with war coming, I'm guessing." He said shining a flash light in my eyes. "Ela when was the last time you shifted?"

"Um probably about." I tried to think of the last time I shifted. But to be honest, it had been a while. "To long to count." I said biting my lip.

"What about your Menstrual Cycle?"

I froze. "No." I froze. "I'm on birth control." I said angry.

"When did you mate with Niall?"

"2 weeks ago." It had been a while it seemed like, and I didn't know I could get pregnant so fast. I didn't know I could get pregnant with birth control.

"You're baby is developing faster than any baby I've seen before. Which means that you will be giving birth in human form, but you're baby may be born in wolf form."

"What if it like claws my insides out?" I said suddenly getting scared.

"It's a possibility." My face went pale. "A wolf develops faster than a human. But you won't die of course because you're an Original, but it could take you years to heal. Because you're baby will be an Original as well, it could cause you a lot of pain."

"It already has." I said growling. Ulrica hadn't spoken for a while. "So what I can't shift?" The doctor shook his head no.

"It could cause harm to the baby."

"Okay thanks." The doctor patted my shoulder before getting up and walked out of the room. Zayn and Louis came into the room then. I looked up at them, and tears were rolling down my face. "Can you get Liam please?" Zayn nodded and disappeared, only coming back with Liam a few minutes later. I pulled Liam close to me and cried into his chest. If Niall wasn't going to accept me, I sure as hell wasn't going to listen to him anymore.


(Liam's POV)

"Liam, Luna is asking for you." I turned around to see Zayn talking. Niall looked at me.

"Why would she need him?" Niall said. Zayn shrugged, and before Niall and I could fight. I ran off to Niall's house. We had been training men for over two weeks now, and war kept getting postponed. I figured soon it was just going to get cancelled.

I found Ela sitting on the bed crying, I walked up to her and sat by her. Before I could say something she threw her arms around my neck and cried into my chest. I felt guilt rise in me, like I was doing something bad. But something felt right. Zayn and Louis looked at us, and I shrugged confused. But I rubbed circles on her back trying to comfort her. Once she was calmed down she looked at us.

She looked down then. "I'm sorry, Liam." She said looking away.

"What did the doctor say?" Louis said, Ela froze against my touch.

"Flu." She said before getting up and walking out of the room. Louis and Zayn went to follow her, so I went downstairs to see where they were but they were gone. I could smell Ela's scent, but I knew Niall would be wanting me back at training.

Once I got there, Niall was furious. "How was your date." He said finishing up fighting with one of his men.

"It wasn't a date."

"Did you know a mated couple can read each others minds?" He laughed. "I did."

"Okay, then did you know she was sick?" Niall crossed his arms.

"She clearly wasn't thinking about that."

"Well she is." Niall shoved past my shoulder and ran out of the shed. Everybody looked stunned.

"You guys can be done for the day." I said yelling at them all. They all cheered before crowding out of the doors and leaving. I stayed in the shed looking around. But I was thinking about Ela.

"You deserve better Ela." I said growling, my wolf even getting angry. "Better than Niall."


(Ela's POV)

"Where are you going Luna?" Zayn said.

"Going to talk to my mother."

"You can't leave the territory." Louis said, grabbing my arm then. I was just about to shift when I stopped.

"It could cause harm to the baby." The doctors voice echoed in my head. Angry then, I tried yanking my arm away, but Louis continued to pull me back towards Niall's house. But then I heard a huge crowd of men in town, and I turned to see Niall walking my direction. Using wolf speed then he was standing right next to me. Louis let go of my arm, Niall looked down at me, I shuttered almost scared.

"You guys can leave." He said looking at Zayn and Louis. They both nodded and disappeared. "What the hell is going on with you and Liam."


"Don't lie to me Ela."

"I'm not lying." I said crossing my arms, pain in my back started coming back. Niall gripped my elbow and looked at me. He began pulling me towards the house, his grip hurting my arm. Ever since we had mated, he'd changed. And I began hating him, Ulrica was even getting angry. Niall pulled me inside, and after closing the door he let go of my arm and I stumbled backwards a little. Niall pushed me up against the wall and looked down at me. He put his arms on the wall next to me, his eyes locking me in place.

"Tell me the truth."

"Liam and I having nothing together." I said growling, the pain in my back traveling up to my neck making my headache worse.

"Stop lying!" He said yelling in my face. My knees started going weak. My eyes filled with tears, as I looked away from Niall. I bit my bottom lip as tears rolled down my face. "I-I'm sorry Ela." Niall said, actually sounding apologetic for once. He went to hug me, but I moved away from him.

"D-Don't touch me." I warned, turning around so I didn't have to look at him.

"Ela please don't do this."

"Niall, you don't know half the things that are going on in my life right now!" I said yelling now.

"You know I'm busy." He said, going back to his angry stage again. Silence filled between us before I turned around and looked at him again.

"But you don't know I'm pregnant!"


A/N: Drama haha. I've been working on the trailer super hard. I think it sucks so far, but I don't know. haha. I hope you guys like it! I thank you guys once again! I bet I'll get to put the trailer up tomorrow haha

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