The Secret Deal

My dad abused me. My mom abandoned me for a guy she met at a bar. My boyfriend Chris cheated on me with a stripper. I have no friends. And now my only option is to run. While running I ran into someone that will change my life forever with a deal that could change my life forever.

Will I fall in love?
Will I make friends?
Should I have made this deal in the first place?


4. The Deal

I was about to cry. That was terrible. "Anyway I want to make a deal with you". Chuck said. "Okay was all I said.

" So how about If You join the team we will put you in a better home with a loving mom and sweet brother and sister". Chuck said. It sounds like a good deal. "Okay I will do it. But who is my mom and brother and sister?" I asked . " Your mom is Anne Cox (Styles) and your brother and sisters name is Harry and Gemma Styles" Chuck said. I've heard that name before but where? "Cool when will I leave?" I asked Chuck. "Today is fine and don't worry about any clothes we will provide that for you" Chuck said. my life was turning around, But that name Harry Styles. "We can go now if you would like" I said. "Great I'll tell my boss" chuck said in a happy voice maybe this deal is not so bad. but that name. All of a sudden I saw a cute family walk in the cafe and the little girl had a one direction T-shirt. That's where I know Harry Styles from...... My brother is part of the worlds biggest boy band!!!! I thought. I couldn't wait. 

wait what if he doesn't like me or what if he thinks I am just a stupid fan 

No, Jamie don't think that he will love you I mean who doesn't!!

"Okay guess who is you fake daddy" Chuck came in excited. "let me guess Is it you by any chance?" I asked "Why did I make it that obvious" He said and we started laughing I can't wait to work on a mission with my "daddy".



OMG you guys are amaZAYN!!!!  wow thank you guys!!!!!!!!

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