The Secret Deal

My dad abused me. My mom abandoned me for a guy she met at a bar. My boyfriend Chris cheated on me with a stripper. I have no friends. And now my only option is to run. While running I ran into someone that will change my life forever with a deal that could change my life forever.

Will I fall in love?
Will I make friends?
Should I have made this deal in the first place?


13. OH Hello

Hey guys sorry I havent updated in a while I have been at school..... How fun ..... Well I am here to update.




I HOPE SHE REMEBERS!!!! I HOPE SHE REMEMBERS!!!!! I HOPE SHE REMEBERS!!!! I bumped into her her "Oh I am so sorry excuse me" I said. I HOPE SHE REMEBERS!!!!!!!!!


"Oh I am sorry- Caroline Styles Omg Omg I am so sorry I was In your way ill move" She said. I felt tears coming. I ran. I ran past Niall and Liam and the rest of the boys. They were calling out my name but i kept running . When I got home I ran Upstairs and cried in my pillow and I started running through all the memories that we had together.

There was a knock at the door and it was Chuck. "What wrong sweety" He said in a fatherly tone and it mad me smile. Oh how I missed having a father. I told him everything that happened at the mall. "Well love Its a good thing she didnt remember you, your not allowed to make contact with a person in the past" He said. "I have a new friend for you, she will be your spy partner" he added and a girl walked in. "Hi my name is Lexcine Minx" She came to hug me. she was very fit and she has Auburn hair and green eyes. "Hi I am Caroline Styles" I replied . "OKAY girls time to get my daughter into shape.... TO HEAD QUARTERS" he said. 





Heyy thanks to Wacky Bunny sorry it took a long time !!!! hope you liked it.


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