The Secret Deal

My dad abused me. My mom abandoned me for a guy she met at a bar. My boyfriend Chris cheated on me with a stripper. I have no friends. And now my only option is to run. While running I ran into someone that will change my life forever with a deal that could change my life forever.

Will I fall in love?
Will I make friends?
Should I have made this deal in the first place?


10. Meeting The Guys (Winners)

So Harry drove me and Gemma to the hotel where ill be meeting the rest of one direction!!! I was excited to meet them. To be honest I had this thing for Niall but then again I  really like Liam but they would never like a girl like me... im ordinary.

Anyway when we got there I was greeted by two beautiful girls and four hotties right behind them. Eleanor and Perrie came running to us. "Hey girls this is my sister Caroline" Gemma said. they both said hello and I back. Zayn came up to me and said hello and I hi. "Hello love my name is Louis" he said."im Niall and this is Zayn Liam" Niall said. I laughed. "What"he asked. "I know who you are 95% of the world knows who you are" he laughed.

We just sat there for a few more minutes and talked when Gemma got a call. She stepped outside. "okay im ready to go the mall but let me make a sandwich" I said. "Me too im hungry" Niall said. "When are you not" Louis said and Niall just ignored him. 

"So where are you from" Niall asked me. "I am from a small town in Florida" I answered. "oh cool" he said. we made our sandwiches and walked out and Gemma came in and said she had to leave to go to work we all said okay and i went shopping with the boys and El and Perrie.


Niall's P.O.V

Caroline was really pretty and the way her red hair flowed was gorgeous. I think I really like her. we were walking to a store when she stopped dead in her tracks it looked like she was at the edge of tears so I put my arms around her. She was so small and delicate No Niall focas she is upset about something why was she staring at that girl.


Jamie (Caroline's) P.O.V

I was having so much fun with these people. We were walking to a store when I stopped dead in my tracks and i could feel the lump in my throat I was trying so hard not to cry. I was staring at my friend Capri. We were friends since we were in diapers she moved when I was 3 so I forgot about her until now. Niall put his arms around me to comfort me.  

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