Into Darkness

"You think your world is safe, it is not."
The year is 2223


1. Happy New Year!

"Finally we're home!" I collapsed onto my bed.  Dad looked at me; laughing. I knew what he was about to say. He looked at me. "But Elizabeth you know we'll be working in HQ so don't get too comfortable. We will be going tomorrow so get a goodnight sleep." I rolled my eyes as dad left my bedroom. It was New Years Eve and it was 23:59. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! " Outside my window I could hear the crowd of people cheering and clapping. Bleep. My phone went off. Happy new year Liz from Spike. How on earth did Spike get my number? "Really Spike? Your an alien and now your hooked on texting. Great."  I muttered. I messaged him back. You to Spike c u l8r.


Getting up from my bed, I got out of my Stargazer uniform and changed into my Pyjamas however after that, I shouted down the stairs. "Happy 2238 dad! Night!" Dad yelled up the same. Walking to the window, I gazed out of it for a bit. Fireworks lit up the sky, and the wind softly blew to keep the people cool. Even though it was January, it was almost 40°. My alarm was set for five am so I had to go to sleep now or I would oversleep. As I got into bed, dad went into his office as his phone was ringing. "Liz, I have to go to work now. You will have to go on your own later .


Don't be late. Goodnight." dad kissed the top of my head. "OK." he walked out of my room and left the house. After ten minutes of trying to get to sleep, I decided to get up and go to the kitchen to grab myself some milk. The clock on the wall told me that it was 4:30 am. Did I really sleep that much? After drinking my milk, I walked back upstairs to get ready for work. I placed on my yellow suit and tied my hair up into a bun. I turned off my alarm and strutted down the stairs like I usually do. I grabbed my keys and left the house. A car came outside my house and William came out. "Happy New Year! Wanna ride?"

"Sure why not?" I said, as I got into the car. William and I sped off to our workplace chatting together. I knew I was safe with him...

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