daily rants

It might not always be daily buut, yeah


5. *teardrops*

I decided that I wanted to share my dream so I decided to share it with my friend. We wrote a song, my dad made music for it and she won't even pay freaking attention.... She had her ear buds in the whole freaking time. She was watching you tube videos. And she won't sing if my dad is there.I understand that she's nervous about singing in front of people but she could still pay attention. So he had to teach me how to record,and he left the room and now she won't even sing the fucking song! She doesn't freaking care! at fucking all!!! I want to cry, We worked so hard and she doesn't even care. now I don't know what to fucking do anymore. Please tell me what I should do.

Sadly, Signing off,

Baby carrots.. :*(

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