daily rants

It might not always be daily buut, yeah


3. An explanation of my defences

      I strongly dislike it when people try to give me truth that hurts or some thing bad get mad at me when I don't take it seriously. I mean seriously  I try to keep a light heart. I Put up a wall and a defensive barrier that keeps me from getting hurt. I don't push them away but I push away certain statements that hit certain nerves. I don't understand why people don't understand that everyone has a different way of coping with situations. I usually laugh about it and push the subject away, I don't try to listen to it I laugh and walk away, then wait until I am by myself then I cry about it, then I forget about it. I don't like it when people push that same subject at me because when they do I feel pressured and when I feel pressured, I cry and freak out. It makes me feel weak and useless crying in front of people.

signing off

baby carrots

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