This is, I don't know. A thing I wrote.


1. Puppets


What is life?

What is it?

Can you answer that?

What lies beyond it, when the human eye closes for eternity?

What is this thing we call death?

What is the difference?

How do we even know there's a difference?

We don't!

We don't know anything!

We are humans, vain little creatures that think themselves so smart and brave.

Tell me this, if we are so smart and brave, then why has it come to this?

She is born, only to have her life sold to the government.

She'll go to school to learn. For them.

She'll go to college to learn some more. For them.

She'll go to work. For them.

It's all for them!

The government have us on strings, we are their puppets!

We live in this "free" country.

Tell me, if it's so free, then why do I have to go to school to learn, so I can work, so the government gets the money they desire?

Why can't I do what I want with my life, not what a a self-centred government tells me to do.

The law is wrong. We are humans, we can set our own boundaries.

And yes, there are some people in the world who are mental, different, maybe put a gun to someone's head, and okay, laws can stop that. But then what? They go and keep that different being behind bars, hidden from the world and all oppurtunities that they could've been given. The law is as wrong as the crime.

If you haven't noticed, humans have lasted for centuries, and once upon a time, there were no laws.

Fair enough, guns and bombs and half the stuff we have today didn't exist back then.

But we are humans, if we are so smart and brave, we should be able to fight for our life!

We shouldn't need a law and a government to tell us how to live our life!

We shouldn't be judged on our knowledge, money and other crap because that means nothing in the end!

We're all going to die one day, so why live our life how a couple of men in expensive suits tell us how to live it?

I'm a good girl, so I won't rebel. I'm not gonna start a riot, or any stupid things like that, because the government will throw their heads back and laugh, then stand on me with the sole of their polished shoes.

Because they think they can.

They think they are so smart.

I am not so smart, but I have thoughts.

My eyes are much wider open than a hell load of other people my age.

Because I understand.

I understand that we are the governments puppets, and they are pulling the strings and laughing, while we let them decide our fate based on our knowledge and money.

So if that's how it's going to be, pull your strings, you big rich men.

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