This is a collection of poetry by me! Just gives a topic and I will use it! I don't to dirty though. If you are afraid of vivid images of spooks or other things, don't read it, just some common sense!


2. Reverence through Decadence

The teeth that sink into your skin, you can feel me infecting from within

The blood I've spilled pours out fast, each ticking second ticks to your last


The infection I spread won’t go away, despite your fight it’s here to stay

I've overrun, your friends decide to flee, so c'mon, what’s wrong? Join our dead family


Look at the corpses, don’t they look fun? Still you sit there and aim your gun

Like I’ve said I’m here to stay, the pain you endure won’t dull away


Your breath, I can feel it quicken; now I’ll just continue to sicken

You might have hope throughout this dread, a little funny, since I’ll see you dead


Why can’t you just accept the facts? You’re becoming me, there’s no way back

You’re infected with me, you just can’t win, so just accept my help, I’m not a sin


There’s just one thing I want to see, both of us in duality

I strengthen you, you welcome me, with both our help we’ll both be free


I want to help, why can’t you see? It’s the living you that’s killing me

I want to free you from all strife; the only way is to take your life


Now you’re stronger than ever before, the pain you felt is not so sore

This decaying world seems so homely, now that you've become my zombie.

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