This is a collection of poetry by me! Just gives a topic and I will use it! I don't to dirty though. If you are afraid of vivid images of spooks or other things, don't read it, just some common sense!


8. Dreamers respite

The hopes and worries of the day all seem ever so far away

This fun, forgotten land does seem the land of dreamers; the land of dreams


In this land where the ephemeral lie, where fun and joy in spry

Where sense and order so not matter, we’re all as mad as the hatter


In this land where dreams to boast you’ll find peace here at its most

No-one here is ever mean, whoever would, of war, dream?


Careful though, at a wrong turn, you’ll find the land of plague and burn

Your worst dreams lie in here, the land of nightmare’s drawing near


The joy you’d once hoped to see is now replaced with impish glee

You shout, you scream, you run, you cry, but it’s no use, here you die


But that’s enough of doom and glum, nothing wrong with a bit of fun

Come, we’ll let you explore free, you’ll see for yourself, the sights to see


The grand cherry tree, bathed in moonlight, stuck forever in eternal twilight

The clear, sparkling, crystal sea, where fish roam forever free


The twisting spires of scarlet fountains, the mighty mass called a mountain

The sparkling caverns with crystal gems, still more sights, it never ends


And if you tire of all this wonder, or if you’re woken by distant thunder

We’re still waiting, all despite, we’re always waiting in dreamers respite

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