This is a collection of poetry by me! Just gives a topic and I will use it! I don't to dirty though. If you are afraid of vivid images of spooks or other things, don't read it, just some common sense!


9. Broken

They say the hearts a fragile thing.

It can not be bought with bling.


You've shoved me around in the past.

But now I'm done, It can not last.


I have been abused.

I have been used.


Not just by you,but the dozen.

You treat me like a dog or just a cousin.


Although I love you more everyday.

It's hard for you to see and keep at bay.


I have never been hurt so much.

You were once considered nonesuch.


You have torn  me to pieces

My love for you decreases.


You were always so cheap.

So dark, so dark indeed are the intentions that you keep.

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