This is a collection of poetry by me! Just gives a topic and I will use it! I don't to dirty though. If you are afraid of vivid images of spooks or other things, don't read it, just some common sense!


13. All Alone

Inspired by the theater version of On My Own I use some quotes from it too.

And now I am all alone.

With out a friend to talk to or face to see.

And now the night is near, and I can make believe he is here.

Sometimes I walk alone, when the town is at peace and no one stirs.

The town dreams and I can pretend he is with me.

On my own, pretending he is right there with me.

All alone, I stroll through the park with him.

Without him, I feel his arms around me. 

And when I lose my way, I close my eyes and picture him, and I am found.

In the rain, the pavement glows in the moonlight.

and the lights, grow misty in the rain.

In the dark, the trees glow with starlight.

And all I see is him and me for infinity.

And I know it is in my imagination.

That I am talking to myself and not to him.

And although he is blind with love, I say there is a way for us.

I love him, but when the night ends.

He is gone, the lights are just lights. 

Without him, Everything grows sad.

The trees are bare, and everywhere the town is full of the unknown.

I love him but I realize I have only pretending.

From his hair ,to his eyes ,to his smile, to his clothes, he just isn't there.

It has been missing. It has never been.

What I have seen, Has been lost.

Nothing has been known

I love him, But only on my own.




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