moments past

dreams don't always come true and there aren't always happy endings.
my name is Lauren Jayne dale my family are quite well off we live in London our house is huge apparently i can do what ever i want i can get tickets to any concert i want all i have to do is call my uncle Simon..


4. chapter 4

* 1 week later*

its been a week since the boys came over for me to look after them i haven't seen them they have had a week off so they have been visiting their families or just chilling they haven't been to any clubs and haven't been in the press which is a relief. im starting to go insane because jade, rae, jay and tee are all on holiday with their family's and im here all by myself with no one to talk to or go out with its so boring so i have decided today im going to go to the beach with an old friend from school i haven't spoken to him for ages he's called josh devine and guess what he's one directions drummer i know what you are thinking she lives next door to one direction and is best friends with their drummer she is so lucky well yes i guess i am teehee. 

i get a shower and put my hair into a messy bun and slip my bikini on and put shorts and a vest top on over the top i grab my phone and bag and walk out of the door as i am getting into the car some thing catches my eye i see a girl sneaking out of the backdoor of next door and round the corner to her car and driving away i knew for a fact that the paps over in the bushes saw her and took pictures. great! i march over to the boys front door and ring the door bell over and over again till harry comes to the door "hey lauren you look sexy today going anywhere special?" he smirks thats it hes going to get it "just out did you have fun last night? although next time you tell your girl to sneak out make sure she doesnt make it obvious enough so the paps know exactly what has been going on" his mouth hangs open he didnt expect me to snap like that i see his fists clench at his sides liam comes up behind him and outs his hand on his shoulder he calms down straight away "i did tell you mate" he laughed causing harry to turn around and punch liam in the gut "WOAH!! HARRY GET OFF HIM AND GET BACK INSIDE NOW" he turns to me and then back to liam still on top of him with his fists ready to punch him again "LOUIS!!" i scream and i see louis run down the stairs he gasps as he runs and pulls harry off liam i help liam up and push them all into their living room i pull out my phone and text josh 

to josh:

heyy josh drama at the boys house come over while i sort it out and then we will go to the beach promise -lauren :P xxx

i then call uncle si (l=lauren s=simon h=harry li=liam lo=louis z=zayn n=niall b=all the boys)

s- hi lauren whats wrong love?

l- hi uncle si can i have permission to kill the curly annoying one from one direction?

s- what has he done now?

l- well first he has a girl round and lets all the paps see and then he beats liam up on the door step should i continue my list 

s- *sighs* are you with them put me on loud speaker now

l- ok hang on ok its on 

s- harry what do you think you are doing i have talk to you about this before you cant let the paps know they are having a field day writing horrible things about you do you not care about that? if you dont then by all means carry on but i know you dont like it and i know that you get upset at the head lines about you

h- im sorry si i really am i didnt think ab..

s- then maybe you should think before acting then and what is this about you beating liam up on the door step?

h- i..

s- save it harry i need to think about what to do with you how are the rest of you are you ok liam?

l- yeah im fine simon 

b- we are fine dont worry about us 

s- lauren could you keep an eye on them for me please?

l- i guess 

s- good i'll call you tonight if i have thought of anything to do with harry bye love

l- bye uncle si love you 

s- love you too bye boys 

b- bye simon 

uncle simon hangs up the phone just as i hear a knock at the door "i'll get it" i say walking out of the room to answer the door "heyy josh come in got it all sorted but do you mind if they come with us today uncle si says i have to watch them" i sigh his smile drops a bit but come back again "sure lets get going then" he says we go to the living room "hey josh" they chime he smiles "hey guys" i look at them all as they all go back to their conversations "guys go get ready we are going to the beach" they all stand up and walk over "yay" they say walking past me and josh but niall stays behind "can we go to nandos before please?" he says i just laugh and nod my head "anything for you nialler boo" he giggles and walks out to get ready.

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