moments past

dreams don't always come true and there aren't always happy endings.
my name is Lauren Jayne dale my family are quite well off we live in London our house is huge apparently i can do what ever i want i can get tickets to any concert i want all i have to do is call my uncle Simon..


3. chapter 3

"come in" i say pointing towards the living room. they all walk in and sit on the sofa the t.v. is still on and they are talking about harry again i grab the remote of the arm of the chair and turn the t.v. off and stand infront of them with my hands on my hips "so uncle simon has told me i have to sort out your mess" they might be my idols but so far they have made my day amazing then made it hell how am i going to sort this out? they all nod i glare at harry "what was you thinking making it that public do what ever you want but now so everyone knows about it" at that point i am interupted by people running in through my door i can hear sobbing then "l-l-lauren!" i run to the door and find rae on the floor sobbing her heart out with tee trying to hold her up but not succeeding "rae? whats up stop crying please look at me" i say stroking her hair back out of her face trying to comfort her at that point liam and zayn walk in to see what is happening she doesnt look up to see that her idols are stood in the door way of her best friends house especially zayn who is her favorite tee gasps but knows not to fangirl at the moment we need to sort out rae "whats wrong with her tee?" i ask  trying to figure out what could be happening "i dont know she just turned up at mine and when i couldnt get anything out of her i brought her here but she just got into more of a state as we came here"

i sigh looking at her small hands that have wrapped themselves around me and i notice something missing "babe where is your ring?" i ask puzzled she is engaged to ben they have need together since year 7 and he proposed to her at prom when we left. she just burried her head into my chest even more i tried to lift her but i couldnt i lloked up as zayn picked her up in his arms and carried her into the living room and setting her down on the other sofa oppersite niall louis and harry who are looking at her worried. i quickly kneel down in front of her and look her in the eyes "where is it rae?" she sniffles trying to talk "h-h-h-he ch-cheated on me" she started sobbing again i look over to tee as i start crying aswell i can see tears in her eyes too "I'M GUNNA KILL HIM!!!" i shout how could he do that to her i can feel anger bubbling up inside of me as someone walks into the room. Ben.

the anger takes over as i lunge for him liam goes to grab me but tee runs to him "i wouldnt she will hurt you" i hear her say i smile smugly as i punch ben in the gut "HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO HER YOU INCONSIDERATE TWAT SHE DESERVES BETTER THAN YOU!!!!" i forgot to tell you i know how to fight people bigger than me i used to be bullied when i was at school i would be beaten up but i would usually get them back twice as bad "I DON'T GET IT BEN WHAT DID SHE DO TO YOU HAVE YOU SEEN HER LOOK AT HER SHE IS BROKEN HEARTED ARE YOU PROUD?!?!?!" i dont get an answer so i grab his face and look him straight in the eyes he wasnt going to get away with this whether one direction are stood in my lining room in shock or not i will kill him for this "I. SAID. ARE . YOU. PROUD?!?!?!?!?" i spit as i drag him to the door and throw him out of it "SHE DESERVES WAY BETTER THAN YOU YOU'RE JUST A SELF CENTERED DICKHEAD!!!!" i scream as i slam the door and breath out.

i walk in to the living room and see everyone staring at me with their mouths hanging open even rae is sat up no longer crying just staring i sit on the sofa i feel tee put her hand on my shoulder and look at me seriously "that was awsome!!!" she exclaims i giggle and hug her i look up at the boys and stand back up infront of them "now harry lets sort out your mess" he looks scared i will shout at him like i did ben i just stand there unable to contain the laughter anymore i burst into a fit of laughter making rae and tee laugh aswell soon enough the boys are laughing aswell "don't worry harry you just promise to keep stuff like that a secret and be more careful and i'll talk to the media" 

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