moments past

dreams don't always come true and there aren't always happy endings.
my name is Lauren Jayne dale my family are quite well off we live in London our house is huge apparently i can do what ever i want i can get tickets to any concert i want all i have to do is call my uncle Simon..


2. chapter 2

*ring* *ring* 

i look around as my eyes adjust to the light that is coming in through my window and see my phone ringing on the table next to my bed (l=lauren and s=simon)


s-hello darling how are we this fine morning?

l- oh hi uncle si i'm good thanks what's up?

s- well i was wondering if you were busy tonight seeing as i have 5 V.I.P tickets to see the boys tonight and i was wondering if you and your friends wanted to go there is one condition though

l- OMG!!! seriously uncle si you are the best uncle ever i will do anything what is it?

s- look after them for the day

l- WHAT?!?!?!?! i love them and everything but aren't they old enough to look after themselves i mean Louis is 21 why does he need looking after?

s- lauren listen to me they live next door to you you have to have heard the parties they have when management isn't there and they all ways end up in the media spot light because they accidently do some thing stupid they need looking after i am sick of having to dig them out of holes by coming up with excuses please Lauren they can be at yours in an hour?

l- fine but they have to promise not to trash the place please uncle si i was supposed to be having a girly day with my friends 

s- thanks lauren bye love you 

l- love you too uncle si bye 

i hung up the phone holy shit one direction are coming over to my house so i can look after them i am younger than all of them the youngest is harry and he's 19 this should be fun. i quickly jump in the shower when i get out i dry my hair and pull it up into a pony tail i put some yellow jeans and pink button up blouse and tuck it into my jeans i slip on my flowered converse i never wear make up so i just went downstairs  i grabbed some toast and a glass of orange juice of the side and went in to the living room and turn on the t.v. to find that harry is in the news again he went clubbing last night and hooked up with a girl just as im listening to the reporter talking about harry my phone buzzes i look at the text 

'From: Uncle Si 

hello darling i'm guessing you have seen the news could you sort it please you have done it before i'm sure you will think of some thing for him to tell people thanks uncle simon xx'

great thanks for that uncle si now i have even more to worry about not just that my idols the people i am absolutely obsessed with are coming around so i can baby sit them i have to sort out their problems as well i have done it for other celebrity's before but this is different i guess. A knock on the door interrupts my thoughts i walk over and open it and see 5 boys looking at the floor i think uncle simon told them i will be annoyed that i have to sort out their problems and trust me i'm annoyed "come in" i say pointing towards the living room.

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