The Hunger Games (A One Direction Fanfiction)

I make my way back to my room. I half expect to lay awake all night fretting, letting in all the emotions that have been strangely absent so far, but when I lie down, I’m out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I’ve always been a surprisingly good sleeper. I wake easily, but I can stay in that twilight place between dreams and reality for as long as I want. In the morning, I choose to stay and try to relive all my happy memories of childhood.

In fact, I don’t even get out of bed until well past noon, when our train arrives at the Capitol. I feel sluggish, and slightly sick to my stomach with fear. This is it. I am now officially a tribute in the Hunger Games.


7. Chapter 7

Ina’s POV

Sixty seconds.

The light is blinding. I blink rapidly to try and dispel the stars in my eyes. I could be killed in less than minute now. I need to get oriented.

Thirty seconds.

My fellow tributes and I are in a loose circle around the twenty foot high Cornucopia. The girl from Twelve is directly to my right, and Liam is to my left. Our eyes meet for a moment, his and mine. They glow a brilliant shade of amber in the sunlight. I quell a small gasp, because I never really noticed how beautiful his eyes were before.

Twenty seconds.

Liam doesn’t look nervous. He must be, but he hides it well. He looks angry and determined, tensed and ready to fight. He breaks the contact with me and scans the circle. I do the same. Where’s Frazer? For the first time I notice the arena. We are all in a small field. In front of me, a mountain looms, surrounded by low, rolling hills.


I spot Lisa, about eight tributes away from me. She looks terrified. I think I can see her shaking.


 Where is Frazer? He must be behind the Cornucopia, blocked from my view.


I wish I could see him, and get a small gesture of comfort. A nod, a smile, anything.


I shake my head to clear it. I need to prepare myself.


I position my feet to run away.


No, no I can’t run, I need a weapon. I’ll never survive without a weapon.


But Frazer told me that I needed to run away.


I face the Cornucopia. I can run fast. It will be okay.


I can do this.


I spring off of my pedestal as the gong reverberates through the air. The world shrinks to a bubble of space containing only me and my fellow tributes. I aim for a crate with an array of knives spread out on top of it. My fingers are just closing around the hilt of one, when I sense movement form my right, and someone slams into me.

I fly into the crate and the knives go flying. I feel some one shove their knee into my back. My attacker grabs a handful of my hair and yanks my head back. A blade flashes past my eyes, and I choke and out a scream. It barely touches my skin when someone else slams into us, knocking me back to the ground. I scramble away on my hands and knees, then turn back. Frazer is on the ground, grappling with the boy from Eight.  He shoves him away, and looks up at me, “Ina, run! Get out of here, now!”

I snag one of the fallen knives and lurch to my feet, then sprint back towards the edge of the circle. A spear flies past me, encouraging an extra burst of speed. The hills that surround the plain are covered by scrubby woods. I don’t slow, even when I make it to the edge the thin trees. My only thought is that of escape.

I dash between the trees, my fingers tight around the hilt of my knife. I try to slow a bit, and conserve my energy, but I’m powered by raw terror and I can hardly think straight.

Liam’s POV

I cling on tightly to my backpack and knife, sprinting towards the woods. I hear the agonizing cries of my fellow tributes back at the Cornucopia, but figure that it’s best that I leave the place before I get killed.

I trudge aimlessly around the woods, cutting up branches in my path using my weapon. I have probably covered around 1 kilometre, and I decide to sit behind a boulder and examine the contents of my backpack. I pull on the zip and empty it out onto the ground. A long coil of rope and some small pebbles. Well, if this is the Gamemakers’ idea of a joke, I hope that they’re well contented. Frustrated, I stuff the rope and pebbles back into my backpack and sling it onto my shoulders.

I begin to wonder if I should be looking for the female tribute from my District. We could form an alliance, if that’s what she’s interested in. After all, two tributes teamed up have a better chance of surviving in the Games.

A canon booms.

But maybe teaming up with Francesca isn't such a good idea. I can’t trust everyone in the battleground, not even a girl who looks as if she’s incapable of hurting a fly, let alone kill a human.

I spot a long object poking out of a tree branch in the distance. Maybe it's something that I can make good use of in the arena? I slowly emerge from my hiding place, trying to make minimal noise as I step towards the tree. I test out the stump. It’s bark is rough and seems sturdy, so I should be able to climb up with ease. I leap up, grasping onto the low branches with my bare hands. I pull myself up, grazing my ankle in the process. Despite the small injury, I am able to reach the top in a matter of seconds. I slowly edge towards the object, being careful not to slip off the branch. I grab it and find that it is an arrow. Well, I never heard of the Gamemakers hiding weapons in the arena. I shove it in my backpack with the rope and pebbles. Now all I need is a bow and I can make full use of my find.

Twigs snap in the distance, startling me. I conceal myself behind the leaves of a branch. I squat down and grip onto the bark of the tree.

The girl from District One, Ina, emerges from the thick wall of bushes. She stops for a moment and scans her surroundings, and I dip down so that I am covered. I can hear her heavy panting from where I am perched and I begin to wonder whether I should talk to her. I lower my foot onto the branch below me in an attempt to climb down. Even if I decide not to make an alliance with her, I should start walking to find a comfortable place to set camp. Today’s only the first day of the Games, and I should probably concentrate on preparing myself for when I do cross my paths with a ruthless tribute.

Ina’s POV

I begin to debate whether I should slow down. I have been running for quite some time, and the others should be far away from me. I’m, unaware of my fellow tribute until we slam into each other. The boy, the one from Ten I think, is knocked to the ground, and the contents of his backpack are scattered across the dirt.

He drags a hand up to cover his freshly bleeding nose, his dark blue eyes wide with shock as I shove myself away from him and reclaim my knife from where I dropped it. As I take off, I also grab his canteen. All is fair in the arena, right?

I think he tries to follow me, but after a few minutes, the sound of his pursuit are lost, and I am alone again. I slow to a steady jog, a pace that I think I can keep for a couple of hours at least. I am surprised to find myself smiling a little bit. Against all odds, I've past the first test. I’m sure that the fight at the Cornucopia must be wrapping up by now. Almost as if in response to my thought, a canon booms. I freeze.

One, two, three, four, five,. Then it stops. My jaw drops. That’s seven, including the two canons from earlier on. Seven? Only seven? How can only seven tributes be dead? Usually, about half of us die on the first day. Of course there have been years where the original death count was a little low, only ten or eleven, but I have never heard of only seven being killed in the initial bloodbath.

I bite my lip and frown. The dead ones don’t matter- it’s the living I have to worry about now. And there are sixteen of them out there, right now, trying to kill me. No, fifteen. I don’t think Frazer would try to kill me. Yet. That is if he is even still alive. No, no, he has to be alive. He’s alive, and I will find him.

But I guess I’ll find out for sure tonight, when they project the faces of the dead over the arena.

I throw the strap of my canteen over my shoulder and knot my knife through it, so that my hands are free, and get moving.

I keep at a steady pace for the rest of the day. Luckily, I don’t see anyone else. The canteen I took from Ten is empty, so my first priority is finding water. I haven’t seen any streams yet, but I’ve seen plenty of little woodland creatures, and the need water too. They have to be getting it from somewhere.

As the sun begins its decent, I think about turning around and heading back to find Frazer, but I haven’t found any breaks in the hills yet, and I don’t want to go back the way I came. Who knows whose back there? I don’t want to climb over the hills either; up the slope, the vegetation thins out considerably and offers little concealment. I decide to wait for a break in my little valley and loop around when I have the chance.

The edge of the hill begins to curve to the left, and I adhere to my plan and fallow it. The dryness at the back of my throat is beginning to become very uncomfortable, and I my head is starting to ache. My belly rumbles, reminding me that I also need food.

I don’t realize the spring is there until I am ankle deep in its cold, crystalline water.  

“Yes, finally.” I flop to my knees and begin gulping down as much as I can hold. At the back of my mind, I can hear one of the survival trainers in the Capitol telling me that this is a bad idea, but I don’t care. I need water.

I drink my fill, then top off my canteen, and make myself a little nest at the base of one of the willow trees that surround the spring.

My level of anxiety steadily rises as the darkness grows. I have to know if Frazer survived the day. As the first stars are making their debut, the anthem blares out. Through the branches of the willow, I can see the Capitol seal floating in the sky. It winks out, and then a simple head shot of the girl from Three appears. I sigh in relief. The dead are shown in ascending order, according to district, so that means that Frazer, Eleanor, and Zayn all survived. The girl from Four follows, then both from Six, the girl from Nine, and both from Twelve. That means that Niall is still alive. Liam, and the boy from Nine, Harry, as well, and I still think that they are the biggest threats out here. I think that Harry had an alliance too, with the girls from Ten and Eleven, and they weren’t amongst the dead. Lisa made it too, surprisingly. She’s a tiny little thing, and I can’t see her holding her own in a fight. She must have run away as soon as the gong sounded. I try to convince myself that I’m not glad that she survived, but I am.

Seventeen of us left. I try and count it up. Me and Frazer, Eleanor and Zayn, Harry, Lisa, Niall, Danielle, and the boy from Eight. Harry. Who else? Both from Ten, I guess. I don’t know either of their names. The boy from Ten, the one I crashed into. The boy from Eleven, who was good at archery. That’s fourteen. I guess I can figure out who else is left tomorrow.

I curl up in a ball and wrap my arms around myself, trying to get comfortable. The afternoon was pleasant enough, but now it’s getting cold. I wish I had a sleeping bag or something.

Well as far as the first day in the arena goes, it honestly wasn’t too bad. Except for the constant, mind-numbing terror, and that becomes so monotones after a while that’s it’s easy to over look. The hunger is a little harder to get used to.

I must have fallen asleep at some point, because I snap awake in the predawn grey, tense and alert. Something woke me up. Something is here.


A/N: The Games have begun! 


District 1- Ina and Frazer

District 2- Eleanor and Zayn

District 3- Liam

District 4- Jenna and Niall

District 5- Edward

District 6-

District 7- Danielle and Seth

District 8- Lisa and Jack

District 9- Harry

District 10- Lauren and Dylan

District 11- Perrie and Louis

District 12-

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