The Hunger Games (A One Direction Fanfiction)

I make my way back to my room. I half expect to lay awake all night fretting, letting in all the emotions that have been strangely absent so far, but when I lie down, I’m out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I’ve always been a surprisingly good sleeper. I wake easily, but I can stay in that twilight place between dreams and reality for as long as I want. In the morning, I choose to stay and try to relive all my happy memories of childhood.

In fact, I don’t even get out of bed until well past noon, when our train arrives at the Capitol. I feel sluggish, and slightly sick to my stomach with fear. This is it. I am now officially a tribute in the Hunger Games.


12. Chapter 12

Ina's POV

I start to run. I don’t know where I’m going; it doesn't matter, as long as it is far away from that monster masquerading in human skin. I can hear people following my, and the tiny part of my brain that remains coherent hopes that they are my allies and not someone that I need to fight.

Eleanor catches me first. She looks angry.

“Why did you save the boy from Three?” her eyes are wild, and for the first time, I fully appreciate just how frightening she can be when her anger is roused. Red flames. That’s what they remind me of. Two ruby flames, dancing with unparalleled fury in the place her eyes should be.

She shoves me, hard, when I don’t answer right away, “Hey! You should have let him die. You should have let that psycho from Nine kill him. Because you obviously don’t have the guts to take anyone out, so you’re just have to let the rest of us duke it out until you get yourself killed.”

Her voice strikes me like a whip. I hear the rest of our alliance stumble up, but I can’t tear my eyes away from Eleanor's face. She raises her hand, and for a minute, I am afraid that she’s going to hit me, but she pulls back at the last second, curling her fingers into a tight fist. Her gaze flickers from me to Frazer, and something unidentifiable passes between them. Zayn comes up and touches her arm, but she twists away and walks off into the trees.

I sink to my knees, tremors racing through my body. Lisa comes over to me and wraps her arm around my shoulders, until Frazer nudges her away, saying that he needs to look at the wound that Danielle gave me yesterday. It’s doing okay, but Frazer insists on rubbing anti-infection ointment and bandaging it anyway. The tanned skin of my body glows like copper in the morning sun.

Eleanor eventually comes back. I don’t know where she went, but she won’t look at me. I guess I’m not forgiven for not letting Harry kill Liam.

Honestly, I don’t know why I did it. But I don’t know why he saved me either, or caught me when I fell, or… I don’t want to think about what any of it means. Because the memory of his warm hands pressed against my hips is sending little tremors through my heart, but not in fear… something in an entirely different, foreign category of emotion, and I’m not really sure I want to identify it.

Zayn eventually manages to get everyone up and moving, saying that we are still pretty close to the Cornucopia and any number of tributes could still be close to us.

Lisa holds my hand as we walk and chatters, seeming to sense my need for a distraction from my rampant thoughts. It helps, but not enough to keep the sound of the boy from Five’s leg snapping like a twig from echoing in my ears, “I didn’t see the girl from Seven at the Feast, but I saw those two that we ran into the other day, and another boy.”

I don’t mention Liam. Thinking about him makes me twitchy, “Niall. I don’t know the other one’s name, the one who died.”

His ice-blue eyes will be shut forever now. His body will have been picked up by a hovercraft by now, and the Capitol attendants will be cleaning him up and preparing to send him home to his broken family.

“Me either. I think that’s everyone who showed up. That other boy who’s still alive wasn't there either. I think he’s from Seven, too. There’s one other person left, isn't there?” Lisa pauses, deep in thought, “Another girl I think.”

I turn back to her, and nod, having to think for a moment. “District Four, maybe?”

Lisa starts to say something, but then her body jerks forwards as something is slammed into with great force. I don’t even have time to scream as an arrow punches through the place where her eye was a second before, coating my face in a fine, red mist.

Her inert body slumps to ground, and I instinctively lurch forward to catch her. That little gesture of humanity probably saved my life; the knife that would have taken me in the chest glides harmlessly passed my shoulder.

My alliance clashes with our attackers, but the clamor is muted, as if its coming out of a long tunnel. I grab Lisa by the shoulders and turn her over; maybe she’s still alive?

Her tiny child’s face is quickly being turned into a horrific mask of blood.

"No, no, no, no, no, wake up, get up, come on, please, please." It’s too late, though. I pull her head onto my lap, desperately searching for signs of life, “Li-Li-Li-Lisa, come o-on, please get up, p-p-please.”

This cannot be happening, Lisa can’t be dead, no no no.

“It’s a shame we couldn't make that more interesting.”

I look up, my head swimming, to see Harry standing in front of me. He looks relaxed, as though he’s taking a casual stroll through the wood instead of committing a murder of a child for the entertainment of a bunch of sadists. He is leaning on his bow like a walking stick and smiling, like he’s really enjoying this.

He takes one look at my face and burst into laughter, “Are you going to cry? That would just make this perfect, One.”

I should feel the need to cry, but strangely, at this moment, I don’t. I could cry and scream and rage, but what would that do?

Nothing. It would just make me as easy kill.

And from the way Harry is looking at me, he must know that. It’s what he wants, for me to immobilize myself in a prison of made of sorrow and pain instead of steel.

Instead, I just feel a hollow sort of numbness take over. I can mourn later; right now I need to stay alive. My hand drifts down to Lisa's belt, and wraps around the hilt of the knife she was carrying. I have one too, but it’s in my backpack, and I would dead a dozen times over before I reached it.

I yank it out and lunge forward, hurling it underhand and at the beast before me.

He twists out of the way, but lets me dart past him, knowing that his bow is useless at such a close range. Instead of twirling around to keep fighting him, I keep going, bobbing and weaving through the trees, trusting my stamina and agility to see me safely away.

I’m not sure if he tries to follow me, I feel no fatal agony between my shoulder blades, so I must have lost him.

I don’t think I have hated anyone as much as I hate the boy from District Nine right now.


I’ve been running for a long time.

The world feels hazy.

I’m so tired, but I can’t stop.

The straps of my backpack are cutting into my shoulders.

I can’t let the memories catch up with me.

I do eventually, but only because my lungs are on fire and my legs are limp with exhaustion. I don’t so much stop as come to a crashing halt on the needled ground. A rock digs in to my palm, and I focus on the pain, shutting everything else out. I let out a single, piercing, keening shriek, needing to let this out and break this build up of emotion before it shatters me from the inside. Then I fall silent, digging my fingers into the earth as it was the one who murdered Lisa. No, no, I can’t let myself think about her, even though her blood is still coating my hands and my thighs and my face.

I press my face into the carpet of pine needles, trying desperately to wipe it off needing to erase this day for the sake of my sanity.

I dig my teeth into my bottom lip hard enough to taste blood, and allow lethargy to steal my, dragging my into a horrendous cycle of Lisa and the boy from Five, and remembering that Louis died, and that Eleanor is angry with me, and that I am more alone than I have ever been in my entire life.

It takes a while for the rational part of my brain the start up again. I have no idea where I am; this part of the arena is new to me. I remain on the ground, and keep my face buried in the carpet of pine needles, wishing I could sink into them and disappear.

I don’t cry, or rage, or scream. I don’t do much of anything really, besides forcing myself to breathe. Even that feels like a chore. Everything that’s happened today is too much, but it feels distant, like this happened a lifetime ago. I can’t fight anymore.

My eyes drift shut, and instantly, the sight of Lisa's face exploding outward in a shower of blood flashes before me. Over and over again; I am unable to banish the sight from my mind. Her blood is still coating my face and arms; I can feel it drying into a sticky crust, but I have lost the will to move or do anything to help myself. I roll onto my back and stare blankly up at the sky. The movement is slightly hindered by my backpack, but I can’t be bothered to shift it into a more comfortable position.

I stop trying. I stop forcing myself to breathe eventually, and maybe I die. I don’t know. It would be so easy, to just drift away and not have to play this game anymore…

Night falls at some point. The anthem plays, and I only have a moment to brace myself before it happens. The boy from Five is the first face to appear, whole and smiling his odd little smile. Then Lisa's sweet countenance fills the sky. I reach up towards her, for a moment, just wanting to touch her so that I can say goodbye properly. Then she vanishes, replaced by the girl from Ten. I dully note her death, too strung out in apathy to feel surprised. Eleanor or Frazer or Zayn must have killed her when they attacked us after the Feast. Huh. She seemed like one of the stronger fighters out here.

That fact, more than anything else, snaps me out of my lethargy. I’m not allowed to give up yet. If my allies can kill one of them, that means that they are far from unbeatable. And Lisa wouldn't want me to give up. I have to keep going, for her, and for Anya, and maybe for myself too. I try and push my emotions away, and rationalize them. Who was she to me, anyway?

Just some girl that I met a week ago, who needed to die anyway so that I could live.

Just some little girl, who in the space of a few days, has saved my life multiple times and genuinely seemed to care about me.

Some little girl who was my friend.



District 1- Ina and Frazer

District 2- Eleanor and Zayn

District 3- Liam

District 4- Jenna and Niall

District 5-

District 6-

District 7- Danielle and Seth

District 8- Jack

District 9- Harry

District 10-

District 11- Perrie

District 12-

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