The Hunger Games (A One Direction Fanfiction)

I make my way back to my room. I half expect to lay awake all night fretting, letting in all the emotions that have been strangely absent so far, but when I lie down, I’m out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I’ve always been a surprisingly good sleeper. I wake easily, but I can stay in that twilight place between dreams and reality for as long as I want. In the morning, I choose to stay and try to relive all my happy memories of childhood.

In fact, I don’t even get out of bed until well past noon, when our train arrives at the Capitol. I feel sluggish, and slightly sick to my stomach with fear. This is it. I am now officially a tribute in the Hunger Games.


11. Chapter 11

Ina's POV

A gentle swaying sensation brings me back to the waking world. The steady back and forth motion sends my head spinning, and I let out a faint moan.

The swaying stills. “Ina?” Its Zayn, I think.

I should answer, but something in his tone tells me that I don’t want to be awake just yet. 

My ally is insistent, but his voice is coming out of a deep tunnel, and it soon echoes into silence.

Later, I find myself laying on a bed of pine needles. The sun is kissing my cheek, calling me out of my lethargy.  Someone is stroking my hair, pleading with me to wake up, and she sounds so frightened, I just have obey.

My eyes drift open. Lisa is hovering over me, her face twisted with anxiety. She has a thick smear of blood on her cheek, though she doesn't look injured.  Her eyes are red rimmed from tears.

“Hi you.”

“Hi,” I slowly force myself into a sitting position, wincing at the sharp stab of pain the runs through my side. “Ow.” The exclamation on pain comes out surprisingly calm.

Frazer enters my field of vision. “Good, you’re up. We need to keep moving.”

“Why?” I grumble as he hauls me to my feet. “Where are we going?”

He ignores my questions and pats me down.

“Seven got you pretty good last night.” his wandering hands hit a sensitive spot, and I wince. “Shallow, but you lost a lot of blood. We wrapped you up the best we could, but we can get some real medical supplies at the Feast.”

That throws me. “Feast?”

Lisa, who is clinging to my sleeve, chimes in earnestly, “They announced it this morning. It begins at dawn, at the Cornucopia.”

I don’t know what to say, what to feel. Why is the Feast so soon? The Gamemakers usually set it towards the end, when there are about half a dozen tributes left, so they can draw us all together. Why now? They must think things are moving too slowly. Though I cant see how that’s possible after last night. Why now?

I must have said the last few words out loud. Frazer sighs. “I doesn’t matter why, okay? We need supplies. So we’re going.”

He pulls my arm over his shoulders and starts walking.

 Ahead of us, I can see Zayn and Eleanor standing ready with their weapons, looking tense.

“Where’s Louis?” I slur. Instantly, Eleanor's face crumples and she turns away, pressing her hand tightly over her mouth.

 Behind me, Lisa lets out a faint whimper, “She killed him, Ina. The girl from District Seven.”

Oh. Right. I bite my lip, hard, to keep from saying anything. I really liked Louis. He was nice, and also our best prospect for getting food. I remember him flailing around in a pool of his own blood, clutching the gaping wound at his throat, and have to fight down the urge to vomit. He shouldn't be dead; he was just a kid. He had such a long life ahead of him, and it got cut short so that some indulgent fools could get a few laughs.

I must have passed out again, because the next thing I know, I am seated against the bough of a tree. Lisa is beside me, her head drooping onto my shoulder tiredly. Her wispy red curls are tickling my cheek, and she has a smear of blood across the back of her tiny, childlike hand. Eleanor is asleep a few feet away, but Frazer and Zayn are nowhere to be found.

They eventually come back. Frazer hands me some berries and the canteen.

“Eat up. You need your strength for tomorrow.”

Zayn gathers everyone in a circle. I almost ask where Louis is, having gotten so used to them being joined at the hip, then I remember. He’s dead. Gone. Forever. I press my lips together tightly, and don’t say anything.

We try and make a plan, but nothing is certain. It all depends on who shows up tomorrow. Harry will, I have no doubt. He would never miss the chance to pick off a few competitors. Niall might as well, along with his ally. They looked like they could use some help. I wonder if Liam will turn up? I haven’t seen him since the games began. I wonder what happened to him? I hope he’s doing okay. My stomach tightens slightly at the thought, and I push it away. As for any the others, we will just have to wait and see.

Our plan ends up being to just grab as many supplies as we can and run away, and try not to get killed in the process.

It should have been hard to sleep, but I get a decent amount of rest. I suppose losing a quarter of my blood took some of the wind out of my sails.

A few hours before dawn, Eleanor wakes us all up, and we walk the last few miles to the field surrounding the Cornucopia.

And then we wait. The sky is a flat shade of watery gray. There will faces up there tonight; a feast always ends in bloodshed.

The darkness eventually begins to recede over the sky, taken over by the pre-dawn grey. Just as the first rays of lemon sunlight are breaking out over the sky, the ground in front of the Cornucopia opens up, and a huge table pops up.

My mouth waters. It is completely laden with food. Decadent dishes, served only in the Capitol. My first instinct is to run over there and start stuffing my face, but I realize that is the worst thing I could possibly do. We need food we can carry with us, and blankets, flint and a dozen other things that are laid out on the table.

We go. A good nights sleep turned out to be just what I needed, because I am back functioning at pretty much full capacity.

I reach the table before anyone else. My fingers wrap around the strap of a backpack, and some sixth sense warns me of approaching danger. I turn to see the girl from Ten barreling towards me, her eyes full of blood lust  My world narrows; its just her and me now. I yank the strap of the backpack over my shoulder while my other hand scrambles for a weapon. I have only a moment to mourn for the loss of my knife- what happened to it?- before she is on me. My hand clenches around a squishy object on the table behind me, and I wing it forward with as much force as I can. My target is only a meter away, and at this range, I can’t possibly miss.

The pear hits her square in the face, and she stumbles in surprise, tripping over her own feet. I dart to the side, and slam into the boy from Three. Liam. We tumble into a confused heap on the ground, his arms locking around me protectively as I collapse on his chest. For a moment, I’m afraid, he’s about to snap my neck, but then our eyes meet, and I suddenly feel…safe. Somehow, I don’t think he would hurt me. His warm, coppery eyes are intense and focused.

His gaze flickers to something behind me, and he twists violently to the side, rolling us under the table so that we are on the other side. An arrow pierces the ground where we were only a second before.

Liam shoves me away and leaps to his feet, making a go for the table.

I stagger to my knees, unsure of what just happened. My attention is pulled away from Liam as another arrow flies dangerously close to my head. I turn to see Harry taking careful aim at Liam as he sprints towards the edge of the tree line, slinging a green backpack over one skinny shoulder.

I don’t know what makes me do it. Some stupid, protective instinct, I guess. Maybe I felt like owed him from saving me a second ago. I lunge forward, using my low center of gravity to my advantage as I slam into Harry's legs, knocking him off balance. His bow flies out of his hands and skitters over the ground. The arrow skates off a tree next to Liam, and he whirls around. Our eyes meet for a heartbeat, and then the sensation of Harry grabbing my hair and yanking as hard as he can pulls me away.

Then his hand is gone, replaced by Zayn's arms as they encircle my waist, dragging me to safety. We make it to where Lisa, Eleanor, and Frazer are waiting. Zayn doesn’t slow, just keeps running, leaving them to catch up. We reach the edge of the clearing before he looks back, pulled in by the sound of a terrified, gargling scream.

The tributes are all scattering, Harry's gang and their victim are the only ones remaining. Ben has the boy from Five trapped on the ground by his foot. The boy is writhing and screaming, his eyes bulging with terror, and Harry is laughing. It takes me a minute to realize why, but then I see the awful way that his leg is skewed out. It’s broken. Splinters of bone jut out, piercing the skin and cloth over his shin.

Harry laughs nastily, then stoops forward and twists the boy’s left arm sharply. After a second and an eternity, the bone gives with the sharp snap associated with breaking wood, and his screaming redoubles.

Two things occur to me then; Harry must be incredibly strong to be able to do that. The second is that he must be the worst kind of person, who can just snap human bone without hesitation, and then laugh about it.

“Come on.” Frazer turns away, his fingers digging into my shoulder for a moment before he lets go and starts walking. I sway unsteadily, but I’m glad for the excuse to tear my eyes away from the bone-chilling scene. Suddenly, I feel cold, as though my blood is being replaced by ice water. I feel Lisa's tiny, warm hand ensnare itself in mine, and I squeeze tightly, holding on for my sanity. This is just too much. I can feel tears pricking the back of my eyelids. This is too much. I want to go home, I need to go home, and see my sister and our tiny little house that never seemed as safe as they do in this moment.

A canon booms.


A/N: I know Harry seems like a cunt atm but that's just how it worked out (sorry to all the Harry girls out there) *shrugs*


District 1- Ina and Frazer

District 2- Eleanor and Zayn

District 3- Liam

District 4- Jenna and Niall

District 5-

District 6-

District 7- Danielle and Seth

District 8- Lisa and Jack

District 9- Harry

District 10- Lauren

District 11- Perrie 

District 12-  

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