The Hunger Games (A One Direction Fanfiction)

I make my way back to my room. I half expect to lay awake all night fretting, letting in all the emotions that have been strangely absent so far, but when I lie down, I’m out almost as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I’ve always been a surprisingly good sleeper. I wake easily, but I can stay in that twilight place between dreams and reality for as long as I want. In the morning, I choose to stay and try to relive all my happy memories of childhood.

In fact, I don’t even get out of bed until well past noon, when our train arrives at the Capitol. I feel sluggish, and slightly sick to my stomach with fear. This is it. I am now officially a tribute in the Hunger Games.


10. Chapter 10

Ina's POV

The anthem begins. I had almost forgotten about the tribute that died this morning, but then his face is being broadcasted out over the arena. It’s the boy from Ten, the one I crashed into on the first day. I don’t know his name. My hand absentmindedly drops onto the canteen I took from him as his face vanishes from the sky. I wonder what sort of mutts had killed him. They’re always based off of some sort of animal, but the Gamemakers alter them to become more deadly and terrifying. On the screens at home, people will getting a full replay of his death, but out here, we only get a simple head shot. They wouldn't want to give anything away.

My sleep is fretful, and I wake up in the morning feeling more exhausted that when I drifted off.

We eat the remains of the rabbits, and huddle around our small fire. With six of us, any food we find will be gone pretty fast. The morning is much colder than yesterday, and we are reluctant to leave our little circle of comfort. A sharp breeze is picking up from the north, sending clouds of morning mist skirting over the ground, bringing a damp chill with it. The longer we sit around the worse the weather is getting.

Frazer eventually gets everyone up and moving. We top off the canteen and make sure that we have all of our weapons. Eleanor leads us on, but the wind is reaching gale force proportions and water is hitting us with alarming intensity, soaking and chilling me to the bone. Lisa is shaking like a leaf in a storm from the cold. After several minutes of this, we are forced to scramble up the bank and take shelter behind the tree line. I have no doubt that this is the Gamemakers doing. They are probably trying to make us collide with another tribute, seeing as no one has died in over twenty-four hours. These Games really are beginning to border on slowness now. They must be trying to speed things up.

I point this out to my allies. Eleanor rolls her eyes at my, clearly annoyed by my caution. “Ina, relax. We are some of the best fighters in the Games. We can take on anyone at this point.”

“But what about Harry-“

“Screw him. The sooner we knock him out of the competition the better.”

“Shh!” Zayn leans over and slaps his hand over her mouth. “I hear someone.”

We all freeze, listening hard. The sound of a twig snapping carries through the trees. Zayn waves for me, Lisa, and Louis to climb a massive oak tree while he, Eleanor, and Frazer stand at its base, their weapons in hand.

It takes a few seconds, but then I can hear them. At least two people are tromping through the underbrush towards us.

I tighten my grip on the handle of my knife and wrap my legs around the bough of the tree. My heart is beating a frantic tattoo on the inside of my chest. Below me, I see Zayn crouch and raise his spear. Next to me, Louis nocks an arrow on his bowstring.

The bushes at the edge of the clearing part, and two boys appear. They freeze when they see us. It takes me a few seconds to recognize Niall, from Four. The first few days in the arena have obviously not been kind to him. His sly, ice blue eyes are clouded with fatigue, and his clothes are tattered and torn. He doesn't look injured though. His companion is the smaller boy with the ginger, shaggy hair from Five. He has a jagged, gaping wound, dark scarlet against the pale skin of his cheek. He scared me a little bit during training; he stayed at the station with all of the poisonous plants and bugs and didn't talk to anybody. The look in his eyes always reminded me of a startled animal.

Niall and Five stand frozen on the opposite side of the clearing. Niall's eyes wander up and meet mine, and I see that his snarky confidence has abated somewhat.

For several seconds, no one moves. Then the scream of a bird snaps everyone out of their stupors. The boy from Five turns and shoots off into the trees in the direction of the lake. Niall curses and races after him.

Eleanor makes like she means to follow them, but Frazer grabs her arm. “Let them go. There’s point in chasing after a fight.”

I leap down onto the ground beside them, and turn to help Lisa. “I know we’ll run into them again.”

We keep moving. The trees thicken the farther we go, until we are forced to hack our way through the woven underbrush to continue any forward progress.

Zayn finally throws down his sword in frustration. “This isn't working. We need to get out of this thicket.”

Frazer nudges my arm.

“You’re a good climber aren't you Ina? Why don’t you see if you can head up and find us a way out of here.” he gestures loosely upwards.

I shrug and walk over to the nearest tree and rub the palm of my hand over the bark. It’s rough, good for gripping. I jump up to wrap my fingers around a low hanging branch, and haul my self up. I make easy work of the climb, and after a few minutes, I am flying above a sea of leaves. The illusion is added to by the wind; its much worse up here, forty feet above the ground, than down on the earth with my allies. I cling to my branch as it sways in the gale.

Far to my left, the mountain juts out of the landscape. Much closer, less than a mile away, a small ridge juts out of the landscape. I think its one of the lightly wooded hills that I passed on the first day, but its hard to be sure at this distance. I fix the direction in my mind, then scamper back down to earth.

“The forest goes on for miles, but there are some hills that way that look relatively clear.” I gesture vaguely towards the distant ridges.

I lead the way. It takes us ages to reach the base of the slope. By the time we do, the sun is nearing the horizon. The climb takes us about an hour, but it is worth it. The crest of the hill is an easily defendable spot, with a rock overhang shadowing it on two sides. Defendable, but escapable if necessary. We couldn't ask for a better campsite.

As everyone moves to make a little camp in the shadow of the overhang, I stand at the edge of the crest. The sunset is painting the world a bloody orange, turning everything to fire. For the first time since entering the arena, I feel a genuine smile curl over my lips, but it is quickly soured by bitter irony. This beautiful prison houses fifteen other people who are bent on my blood, out there hunting right now. Well, I have a great team and a good camp, so I would like to see them try. Like Eleanor said, we have some of the best fighters in the games. A faint laugh builds up in my chest, and breaks free. Even if Harry and his allies attack us, we still have superior numbers.

Eleanor and Louis head back down the hill in search of something to eat, but come back soon, empty handed. We resolve ourselves to a cold, hungry night.

Lisa shows me how to bank the fire, and we all find the softest patch of rock we can, and go to sleep.

An agonized scream tears through the night, ripping me out of slumber. My eyes fly open and I stagger to my feet, stumbling in the dark. Our fire has died, so I cant see anything but blurry shapes dancing around me.

Then the moon breaks free from its shroud of storm heads to illuminate a scene of horror. Louis is on the ground, his body bucking and twisting, splashing in a pool of dark liquid. It takes me a moment to realize that’s he’s laying in a pool of his own blood.

Someone slams into me and something sharp digs into my side. I yelp and twist away, shoving my assailant to the ground, and tumble on top of them. My brain registers the image of the girl from Seven, Danielle, but then she is back on her feet, flying away down the hill. Zayn and Eleanor take off after her, yelling to wake the dead.

I try to rise, to follow them, but an explosion of pain racks through me, sucking the breath out of my lungs and making small swirls of darkness flail at the edges of my vision. I touch my side, feeling a wet heat spread over my fingertips. In the last seconds before the blackness takes over, I raise my hand to see my fingers gloved in scarlet.


SPOILER! Liam may show up in the next chapter ;)


District 1- Ina and Frazer

District 2- Zayn and Eleanor

District 3- Liam

District 4- Jenna and Niall

District 5- Edward

District 6-

District 7- Danielle and Seth

District 8- Lisa and Jack

District 9- Harry

District 10- Lauren

District 11- Perrie

District 12-

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