It's now or never!

it's about these two girls who love one direction, so one day they meet these boys at a resturant and nobody knows who till later on.......


3. How it all started

One day, Kerri and I decided that i would come over her house to go sing with her. " you should so come we can sing and play guittar an dthe piano!!" Keri was very excited, "sure, I guess I can" but, i didnt feel in the mood to go my heart was aching from the pain i felt that day when my boyfriend broke up with me. Anyways, I ended up going there and I think the only thing that helped cheer me up was when I heard the begging to "what makes you beautiful."  So keri and I are sitting in her garge/studio when all of a sudden her mom comes in and asked if we wanted to go out and eat. " Mom, can me and lea go to applebees by ourselfs, PLEASE?!?!??!?!" Keri was really wanting some applebees badly. "sure, but you have to call me if you need a ride home or you want to go somewhere else,ok????" YES, now me and kerri can talk about whatever we want without it being akward between all of us. So, her mom drops us off and we find the biggest both there, It can probably fit 6 people counting us. So, we order alot, because her mom gave us alot of money, so when our food comes there are these two boys standing there looking at our food  like they havent eatin yet. " Would you like to join us???" I ask in a weird voice like i was very unsure of it. One of the boys had green eyes,very curely hair and was very kind he sat right in between me and kerri. The other one had blck hair that was spiked up and had brown eyes, he sat next to me. We asked them their names when it came to that moment but, they changed the subjuct everytime. "hey, guys do you want to hear us sing our favorite song" because before this kerri had a strange feeling that we were sitting with harry stayles and zayn malik. I told her she was crazy but, here we are about to sing to 2 boys from one direction ( i guess) so i stared it off  we sang I want by one direction and when it came to harry part the boy with the green eyes started to sing " OMG!!!" I yelled it soo loud i lost my voice. WE WERE EATING,TALKING AND EVEN GIVING HUGS TO ZAYN MALIK AND HARRY STAYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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