Summer Love

This is a story about a girl named Jaden and her best friend Justina. Jaden and Justina go on a vacation together to London for the summer and there life turns around all from there.


4. The Plane

~Justina's P.O.V~


  Jaden is super awesome for letting me come to London with her. I'm kind of afraid of heights so this will be a long ride for me and because a little kid behind me keeps kicking my seat. "That is it." I get up and walk to the seat behind me. Before I stop myself I start yelling at the kid. "Listen kid, can you please stop kicking my seat I'm trying to relax here! Do you even have any manners?'


  'I'm terribly sorry love here have these." Omg I just realized I yelled at Liam Payne. "Come on now take them sweet heart and also here is my number." I grabbed his number and back stage passes to the One Direction Concert In London. "Thanks Liam and by the way I'm Justina." Jaden comes over to me. "Hey whats taking so long?" I turn her head to face One Direction, her cheeks turn bright red like a cherry.


~Jaden's P.O.V~


  OMG I can't believe I'm standing before One Direction got to act cool and collected. As soon as I open my mouth a scream. All the passengers look at me like I'm crazy, maybe I am. "Hello love how are you I'm Harry and these are Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis." I could feel my cheeks turning red. "Hi I'm Jaden you guys are amazing singers, I'm going to see your concert tomorrow in London." I say still overwhelmed. "Here babe takes these then and also here is my number call me." My mouth drops open as I stare at his number and the backstage passes. "Thank you Harry!" He nods and me and Justina go back to our seats still shocked of what happened.

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