Summer Love

This is a story about a girl named Jaden and her best friend Justina. Jaden and Justina go on a vacation together to London for the summer and there life turns around all from there.


5. Suprise Stop

~Harry's P.O.V~


  Jaden was beautiful her eyes sparkled like stars in the sky. I was just about to stand up and go sing to her when the Pilot made an announcement. "This is your Pilot speaking, we have to make a stop in the next airport. The plane will continue it's flight 3 hours after we land, thank you for your patience now everyone stay in you seats."




After we landed and got out of the plane I looked for Jaden and her friend Justina. I went to go get my luggage from the convertor belt. There she is I though. "Jaden over here" I said waving my arms in the air.


~Jaden's P.O.V~


"Mom I'll meet you at the waiting section." She nodded and Justina went with her. I snuck over to Harry and the rest of them. I flipped my hair and tripped over someone's foot. That wasn't how I planed it to go. I saw Harry rush over to me with concern in his green beautiful eyes. "Jaden are you ok?" I nodded my head and he kissed me on the cheeks. Niall offered his hand to help me up. I grabbed onto his hand and he carefully pulled me up. "Your strong Niall." I said embarrassed. "Thank you Jaden." He said as he kissed me on the cheek. "She's mine Niall." Harry said.


  My jaw dropped not believing what I just heard. Harry smiled clearly embarrassed of what he just said. His dimples were so cute. Harry handed me his phone. "Jaden can you put your phone number in please and also can you take a picture of your self?" "Sure thing Harry!" I punched in my number and took a selfy. "I got to go now bye boys."

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