Summer Love

This is a story about a girl named Jaden and her best friend Justina. Jaden and Justina go on a vacation together to London for the summer and there life turns around all from there.


1. Prologue

  I pick up my phone and dial my best friend Justina's number. 226-4329. When she answered the phone it sounds as if she just woke up. "Guess what Justina!" "Jaden its 6 in the morning on a weekend what do you want from me?" she asked clearly wanting some peace and quiet. "On Sunday were going to London for the whole summer." The phone went Silent I could of sworn she hung up. "OMG YES YES YES I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO TO LONDON!" She screamed.


  "Thanks for making me almost lose my hearing." I can hear giggling on the other end. "Don't laugh at me you poo head! It's not funny." Justina laughed even harder now. "THATS IT DON'T LAUGH AT ME!" I scream into the phone. "Not so funny is it" I ask. We finally stopped laughing after 3 minutes. "So Jaden what will we do there?" she asked. "Well don't freak were going to see One Direction!"

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